Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This is my new most favorite blog and just because she has a kick ass name! She did this on her blog, My Topography. I liked it and decided to do it here.

This is what I want to remember about August:

Tomatoes fresh from the garden and still warm from the sun
Enjoying having friends over and letting the kids play in the yard
Fireflies lighting the way whilst I run
The enormous sunflowers creeping up the side of the fence
The smell of Holly Dolly bars baking late in the darkening evening kitchen
A little white dog and bigger black dog soaking up the afternoon sun side by side on the back deck
A beautiful sunny day to celebrate and honor the turning of one
My little red headed girl in a glorious brown party dress with polka dots cheerfully engrossed in enjoying her day of turning one
Running along the trail kicking up rocks and dust behind me feeling stronger every day
Especially on these wonderfully perfect warm summer days and cool evenings
Watching the beautiful pink and purple sunsets from the back deck
Dancing with Matthew in the kitchen
Fielding questions on the way to the Indianapolis Zoo about when we will get there
Enjoying the best concert of my life complete with corn fields, fog, rain and crazy drunk people
Excitement filled moments of finding out two friends are pregnant!
The first day of school with a backpack on his back, a Cars lunchbag and a smile as wide as the Nile
Helping to build a whole amazing pyramid world in the sandbox at dusk with Matthew
How Matthew says Tutankhamun so matter-of-factly when he tells the story of the pyramids
Watching the pumpkins take over the garden ripening from green to yellow and now the decent into fall orange
Slowly slowly (re)doing the basement room and finding a way to work together so we both like it
The heavy feeling of her soft downy head against my chest for a moment before she spins off my lap to find the next exciting adventure
The amazing relationship I see my children growing into, already
A cold Sprecher root beer on hot day, the sweet mild taste as it slides down my throat reminding of what summer and August is all about

What do you want to remember about August?
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