Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Upon Researching...

OR the alternate title should read: TMI About My Bowels. If you want to know about poop induced by exercise then read on. If you do not, DON'T!

*SO I err ah have an issue when I run. And after I run. Sometimes the entire day AFTER I run. This has started to return after many years of living with it off and on when I was younger and having "forgotten" about the issue. Speaking of memory - ain't memory a great thing?

Any who, so who knew there have been studies done on this ISSUE.

I was surprised to learn that this is a common issue.

And an issue that occurs more often in women then men (of course...)

And I never thought of my issue as a **"TRANSIT time issue".

My favorite line is: "As your body adjusts to exercise, you may resume standard bowel movements." MAY?

"Take away any suspicious foods -- excessive intakes of juice, coffee, fresh fruits, raisins, dried fruits, beans, lentils, milk, high-fiber breads and cereals -- for a week and then eat a big portion. Observe changes in bowel movements."
Really? What do I eat then? I mean this is most of what I eat. If cut any more foods out I will be chewing on my running shoes for nutrients. Well that and Smarties. Those do not have fiber do they??? But mostly, give up *scoff* COFFEE? Stick a knife in my eye and I will be more comfortable and happy. I know coffee is a natural diuretic but it is also the key to semi sanity so simply NO.

It is also suggested that I keep a POOP JOURNAL. Can you imagine what people will think of me 100 years from now when they read my poop journal? My poor children will grimace and murmur about HOW weird Mom was back in 2009. OY!

In addition to a journal, carrying some TP with me on run is a good idea. And as sad as this may sound, it is. Either that or run only in places with easy access to a toilet. It would be weird for the neighbors to see me running up and down our street 50 times, no?

And we are left with this charming thought (from the article, not me...): "The bottom line (so to speak): You are not alone with your concerns. By experimenting with different food and exercise patterns, you may find a welcome solution."

Well, thank goodness I know this now so that when I am out running and I have to stop and poop in the woods I might happen upon some other poor soul (woman?) who has the same issue and we can stand shoulder to shoulder in our awareness of the issue...

*Should I just tell you that this would not be the first time I cleansed myself in the woods but really? Really, I do not want to relive those moments, at all so maybe I will consider cutting back on high fiber stuff. BUT back off the coffee peeps that is not going any where.

**I cannot make this shit up... ahhhh hahahahaha.
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