Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Baker's Dozen


It has been a month since you turned one. Tomorrow is technically your 13 month birthday but I always worry that if I do not write around that day I will miss the actual day. My memory has been zapped lately. There has been a lot happening due to this busy life we have been leading. Between work which has been stressful and life which has been grand, but busy, I feel like my brain is revolting against it all.
My loverly* little girl. You are beautiful to me. Your glorious red hair grows longer and longer by the moment. Your deep soulful blue eyes take everything in. But it is really all about your spirit. You have this beautiful gentle happy spirit that seems to lift everyone up. Your toothy smile is pure heaven to me and your happiness quotient during the day is astounding.

You are busy, always so busy. You are trying out new sounds and I can see your brain working through the sound then testing it out. Your ramble on about things at times and despite the fact that there are no clear words sometimes I can generally get the idea about what you are talking about.

You love on the dogs so much and touch them so gently, sweetly. It is amazing to behold! But you have a particular love for Santana which is a good thing because Matthew has already laid claim to Lucy. Santana is little unsure how to take this love since Matthew completely ignored him almost from the day we brought Matthew home!

You want to learn to march so the four of us march around the kitchen and giggle uncontrollably. You also want to learn to jump and watch Matthew with such intensity I think you may learn to jump much sooner then you ought to. You are a mad crazy climber and a bouncer of beds and the mattress extracted from your crib. You are a tricky little being having figured out the screen door to the deck - scary!

You are a drama queen. I have NO IDEA where you get this from. Probably from your Daddy ;) You love your momma and want to be near me any time I am home. You play a little game with Ashley and I every day when I leave for work where I pick you up and you coyly rest your head on my shoulder but grin and bat those ridiculously long lashes at Ashley. You seem to be taunting her and saying "try and take me away from my Mommy." There are definitely moments where I wish I had my space to get something done for the love of gawd. You know like go to the bathroom!? But mostly I know this time is gone in a flash. I love that you love me and want me and need me. Soon enough you will be marching and jumping off without me.

You like your Leapfrog Play table that Grandpa bought you for your birthday so we moved that up to your room.

You are in love with Matthew's dump truck chair and every chance you get you sit in it. Matthew even offered to give it up to you but I told him you would be okay. You have no one but TWO chairs of your own. I think you will survive!

You are all about the books. 24/7. So you generally enjoy 'reading' them upside down but still BOOKS! One thing with the books though girlie girl - be careful! You beamed Mommy on the face and now I look like a prize fighter having gone a few rounds! Ouch.

You love shoes. Obsessively. You will run to get your own shoes to put on and if those are not available really any shoe big or small will do. And you oh how you laugh out loud when you get one of Matthew's Crocs on one foot, usually the wrong foot, and wander all around the house with that on. You seem to enjoy being center stage.

You have no stranger danger what so ever and wander into a room full of people and want to befriend everyone. I am not sure how I feel about that considering your brother is still terribly fearful of seemingly the whole world when he first walks into a room and has been like that from the get go. This lack of fear definitely is taking some getting used to.

You want to sit on a regular chair and drink from a regular cup and use a spoon and fork. In this you are so much like your brother. I am happy to start you down this road as quickly as we did Matthew. I just ask that you suck it up in the stroller for another year or so! I am not sure I can stomach losing that containment device!

The good news: you are almost done getting your 1 year molars.
The bad news: you are starting to get your 2 year molars.

The result: no rest for the weary. While your days are happy and cheerful night time is filled with screaming, red faces, tears, sweaty hot cheeks and a general unhappiness that not even Motrin or Tylenol can cure. I remember this so well with Matthew.

He would be charming all day long and he would take a nap no problem but night time would be filled with fits and we would all wake up in the morning so so tired. This too shall pass is my mantra. We knew it would happen, it is no surprise and it will not last forever. I snuggle with you up against my chest at night for now as you heave and sigh and try to calm down. The pain must seem unimaginable to you especially as you are trying to sleep.

Lastly, as I now have easy (YEAH!) access to all of our photos in the basement I finally put some photos out of your Daddy and I when we were little. And I was amazed. Everyone always says how much you and Matthew look like Daddy but it is not entirely true. In fact, it is not true at all. I brought the photos up to show Daddy and he laughed. He said 'well I see my body in her but the face... wow, the face is definitely you.' And it is true. 100% true. Only you have red hair and I had white blond hair.

You are the apple of my eye. Your brother worships the ground you walk on and does everything in his power to love on you (most of the time ;) You have Daddy wrapped around your teeny tiny fingers. And mine too - my wee baby Moo.

I love you. Happy 13th Month of Life my dear.

Hugs to you,

* Hmmm... do most people get the My Fair Lady reference here? I am humming along to 'Wouldn't it be Loverly?'
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