Monday, September 28, 2009

Clothes Hound

How about an exciting post about CLOTHING!? And what to do with my fucking closet filled with shit that I never ever wear any more.

I went through my pants on Monday morning. Basically I am giving all the size 10s and most of the 8s away to Goodwill. YEAH! Which leaves me with one pair of black pants and three pairs of jeans that fit (The black ones are a size 8 but never fit well so I never wore them when I was that size and the jeans are 6s.) And some athletic type pants which are even questionable in terms of style at this point in time!

I have a good sized stack of pre-pregnancy, back when I was in my 20s, petite and cute, pants that are size 4 and/or 6 that are just to effing small. Most are from Express and my gawd do they make small sizes there. Additionally all my "dress" pants are size 4 (all pre-pregnancy as well.) I hardly wear dress clothes to work anymore. Just jeans and sometimes khakis, with a skirt here and there.

My issue stems from the fact that I have all these size fours/sixes and I am not exactly sure what to do. Do I keep them? Or just get rid of everything and start fresh? After all a lot of the looks have changed. The classic stuff is okay but I have this funny feeling my lower half will never be a size 4 again no matter how hard I work out. It just is what it is. NOTE: I am keeping a pile of the "smaller" sizes and I will reassess next fall to see where I am weight/size wise.

I really need pants, possibly tops. And finding the right size (as in LENGTH) is hard in this town as our options dwindle. I used to buy a lot of stuff at Eddie Bauer and before that Gap (as in before I moved to B-town.) Both are options still but I would have to buy online. I do not mind buying tops online but pants? UGH.

My options are Old Navy which is eh. I have bought clothing there in the past and most of it falls apart after one season and I hate that. I mean yeah I paid $30 bucks so I guess I got $30 bucks worth of wear but still... And Kohls and Macys. Kohls I have found some fun items here and there and the Macys here is terrible and frustrating.

Bah, I hate clothes at the moment but I MUST do something or else I will be wearing the same four pairs of pants all winter long and the redundancy of that situation makes me feel sad. Grrr... Stupid cold weather.

AND many many weeks later. Matthew's first day of school (from Ashley - stupidly I had NO charged batteries and I was stressed out and then Matthew got wind of the stress and we kind of had to force him to take the photo and well it turned out like this which is cute but I wanted a full body shot of him wearing his backpack standing next to our front door and well this photo is a lot like my pants situation - it is what it is... Le sigh. Bad parenting move #59326593864:

(at least he is smiling happily here!)
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