Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dogs CANNOT Drive

Kevin was asking Matthew how he makes money during our lunch hour today. I am not sure of the exact context to this part of the conversation. It was during our lunch hour and that hour tends to be a bit whacked as it is.

Matthew responded "it (his money) comes in the mailbox." (I wish, just magically, like that, right?!)

Then Kevin said "Well how do you think Lucy makes money? Does her money come in the mailbox?"

Matthew scowled at Kevin and told Kevin "NO. Dogs cannot make money... because they do not drive cars. Silly."

Now that is four year old logic at work right there my friends. Which just continues to cement my firm belief that four year olds are either wicked freakin' smart or just plain strange lil creatures that were put on this earth to make me giggle continuously!
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