Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Edition: Happiness Is...

Happiness is... an unsolicited kiss from my son.

Happiness is... a glass of wine and an amazing chocolate mousse dessert at FARM with a good friend which included lots of laughter and silliness.

Happiness is... contemplating (yet again) a bucket type list.

Happiness is... this close to perfect weather we have been enjoying.

Happiness is... going to a million dollar ice cream parlor this weekend with our co-workers!

Happiness is... Marisa's obsession with being outdoors. Simply put, I love this.

Happiness is... Marisa's sweet disposition even when she is in a foul mood - she is just such an easy going kid, it amazes me every single day!

Happiness is... Matthew's beaming face when we pick him up at school.

Happiness is... learning about the letter A at school.

Happiness is... natural organic peanut butter (smooth thankyouverymuch) and honey on whole wheat bread sandwiches (lightly toasted for the right amount of warmth and sugary goodness!)

Happiness is... the first crock pot of the "season"!

Happiness is... looking forward to all that fall has to offer: that heavenly fall smell in the air, freshly made caramel apples, running through the leaves in Brown County, apple picking, apple pies, pumpkin patches, costumes, and candy!

Happiness is... FRIDAY! Enjoy the weekend ;)
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