Monday, September 28, 2009

Homeward Bound

I often feel so exhausted yet filled up after my weekends lately. Since about mid summer we have been crazy busy. Between the training schedule and just all that we have been doing it seems like we just never spend time at home. I assume with the winter months coming there will plenty of times to be at home. I am dreaming of getting the fire place going, having a dance party and making hot chocolate with marshmallows, maybe a movie. For now it is sheer craziness, in a good way.

What a lovely weekend. It rained, it was foggy, it was sunny and cloudy and just wonderful.

I managed to clean the kid's bathroom. I know, right?! I am awesome. I also finally vacuumed and dusted most of the upstairs areas. I totally rock.

I made yummy Brownie sundaes. All the "good kind of" ingredients were on sale and these were sinfully delish!

The usual things happened: Kevin and I both did laundry and I folded and put it all away. Matthew and I had a date to get groceries. While Kevin and Marisa had a date to Sam's Club. We are wild like that.

Also, Kevin and I had our first official date. At home. I am not big fan of the date night out. When we first started working together, it was 'mandatory' that we went on a monthly date. Which at first rocked. The first few months we loved it. A night out. Away from the kiddo! YEAH. After about three of those dates, we were over it. A whole year of that!? Gaw. It was expensive to get a baby sitter. And then to figure out WFT to do. You name it, we did it.

Shhh... the truth is I am a TOTAL home body. I would rather shelp around in my jammies and eat ice cream from the carton.

On top of that, we re-established our financial goals. Basically, live like we do not make much money. It may not sound like fun but it kind of is. It sounds weird but it is like trying to lose weight. Fun but not fun.

Any who, I know Kevin and I need to work on time together and with the present work out goals we both have that makes it hard. We have been paying for Netflix for a good long time now and we used the service a ton last year when Marisa was first born and I used it a lot when Kevin was away in Canada during the year but we have had the same THREE movies for months now. Dark Knight, Seven Pounds and Revolutionary Road.

SO the kids went to sleep fairly early on Saturday so we had our chance. A movie. Kevin picked Dark Knight. Mostly the reasons I chose that movie in the first place was I wanted to see Heath Ledger in his final movie. You know the part that drove him bat shit crazy.

Historically, I have not been able to finish other Batman movies. Just not my cup of tea. I would watch the first 10 minutes of those older ones and turn them off but this one was really good. I can see why Heath went off the deep end a bit but he was fabulous in the part. And Christian Bale. YUMMERS! Even Maggie Gyllenhaal, whom I cannot look at the same way ever since that movie I partially watched one time where she plays a drug addict hooker (I looked it up - SherryBaby), did a good job. I guess in my mind I kept recasting the part of Rachel which is weird but whatever. It was a great flick and I really enjoyed our night together! Also, seriously did I just review a movie that has been out for like, a YEAR? Oy. Getting with the times, yo.
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