Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How To Save The Earth

Well, I got to thinking it has been a long assed time since I posted some photos. In fact, I STILL want to show y'all some photos from Seattle but well that has gotta wait. Whoa, how's that for a strong use of the English language right there? Gotta and y'all, right!?

Tonight Santana was digging for a mole in our yard like this:

And Matthew said to Kevin "I think I need to help Santana get that mole so we can save the environment" and then off he went. Huh. Who fucking knew, eh?! So here is Matthew saving the environment:

Super Earth Saving Boy and his trusty side kick

Indeed that is a big ass pumpkin. What the hell happened to the earth little boy?!

I said "OOhhh lordy. Matthew and Santana are digging up the yard." Like this:

Pssst, them's are massive pimples on my chin! Weee going through puberty again like totally rocks.

And Marisa contemplated this new development about how we are saving the earth for her future.

Also, I think she might have been tapping out some morse code to the dogs tap tap tappity tap which means "open this stupid door so I can escape. There are treats in it for you two, wink wink." For real. What!? That is totally morse code.

Then Matthew declared that the mole was gone and the earth has been saved. The end.

Wait? You did not know you could also save the earth without a shirt on AND a kid's sized shovel.

Well hot damn I am telling you all the kid is on to something.

True story fo' real y'all true story.
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