Thursday, September 3, 2009

Open House

Matthew's school had open house last night!!! It was super fun and cool and OMG I cannot believe how excited I was to attend! Squeeeeeeeee... We got to see all of the cool art that the kids has been doing especially the glittery foamy paint! The class room has numerous 'stations' if you will. Matthew showed us his favorite "area" - the building area which ummm Go FIGURE. Though I have to admit it is a super cool building area with something like 20 different types of building materials, vehicles, building accouterments and a Step 2 tool bench.

Matthew and I read a book in the quiet reading tent while we waited for his best little school friend, Michael. As Matthew pointed out, where "only '2' are allowed Mommy".

We got to meet all his new little classmates whom he talks about ad nauseum. It is always nice to put a face to a name. We also got to meet some of the other mommies which is helpful so that when my kid says "Mommy you talk to Michael's Mommy about a play date" I will feel more comfortable doing that!

Matthew was super funny about his teachers hiding his face and generally being "shy" around them. Once his best friend, Michael, arrived Matthew was in heaven. These two are as thick as thieves and have been from the moment school started. On the way to open house, Matthew said "May I introduce you to my friend, Michael?" As if I was going to tell him no! I guess another area those two spend a lot of time in is the science center. His teacher told us Matthew likes the sensory table and water table that is filled with different colored water every day. I want to go to pre-k!

Matthew was pretty geeked to go see the cafeteria and the gym. He got an apple snack in the gym and we checked out the booths. I think a high light for him was getting to go on stage in the cafeteria.

Kevin had a chance to speak with his teacher while I fielded Marisa from destroying the room. One thing we learned that we did not know: every day for 45 minutes they play out on the playground. We did not realize it was for such an extended period of time! Also, the kids went on a nature walk on the school grounds yesterday which Matthew mentioned right away when we picked him up.

One thing I do like about this program is that there are several special needs kids both in Matthew's class and the other class so he gets to spend time with those kiddos.

He brings home art work almost every day and his teacher told us they will be doing smaller group projects along with learning time. There is definitely a sense of preparedness for kindergarten next year but as she said 'they prepare up to kindergarten without stepping on the kindergarten teacher's toes.'

Overall, we have been really pleased with Matthew's first introduction into school and he could not be happier which is a good thing. I am still in awe as I sit here staring at his baby photo that has greeted me every day since I came back from maternity leave in 2005. It is amazing to see his world expand with each passing day!
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