Thursday, September 24, 2009


I am at that dreaded state in my physical life where I have plateaued, and SO YOUNG. Ha ha. Ah inside joke, mostly just inside my own head but whatevs.

Anyway, the scale will not budge and it is driving me to FREAKING insanity. I have been upping the ante so to speak working out harder, faster, longer to no avail. And umm the diet side of things well there's that. It is the one hold back if you will.

I believe it is the reason I am stuck at the same stupid number on the scale for months and months. And while it is a nice number as far as numbers go dude doesn't my scale and the size of my pants know that my INTENTION was to lose an additional TEN lbs by next Friday? Yeah so obviously if you intend sometimes the universe does not ALWAYS listen.

Of course, eating ice cream and cookies and candy every day is not doing me any good either. I even tried to cut back on carbs. And lo I discovered I am hopelessly addicted to them as in they are my main form of sustenance. It sucks.

I readily admit this whole working out/getting fit thing is just for funsies. I mean if it is not fun, why do it is my motto as of late. Why make myself miserable doing something I hate? Which is part of the reason I continue to enjoy junk food and work out. Because the junk food? Well that is what makes working out fun. Like a devil on my shoulder, it is also fun to get fit and lose weight and wear a damn size less. I am going to need to chose the angel or the devil here or else bitching about this topic will just get old. fast...

With that said, I decided this past Monday to run a 10k race in November. Yup I said it. At first it was just going to do the 5k then I looked over the 10k training and I thought to myself: self this includes a lot of cross training, some of which can be achieved in my home. And also why not? So begins my 10k training this coming Monday. I am excited to do this and hope I can get a little bit past my plateau and perhaps clean up my eating habits though the holidays loom out there - Halloween! Canadian Thanksgiving! American Thanksgiving! Christmas! Did I mention Halloween? Umm yeah. So there is that.


Marisa is cutting some unknown amount of teethies. And OH MY FRACKING GAWD send HALP now. She will not sleep, not even barely at nap time. She won't eat so it is a good thing the girl has those yummy chubby legs. She whines to be held then scrambles down to instantly shriek at the top of her lungs saying 'uuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuu' while reaching for our pants and pulling, climbing us like a tree. She asks to nurse 90 times a day and I have to nod and give her a sippy cup of water because I am not producing milk for baby like THAT any more.

It is like a cosmic bitch slap after having her sleep so well for awhile. It is exhausting. For the love of all things great and small, please let those teeth come through NOW. Both Kevin and I are tottering around on no sleep like Zombies and Marisa is bouncing around all bright eyed and bushy tailed like it is normal to not eat or sleep, like, at all. I can honestly say I have not forgotten about life with a toddler but I did forget about the intensity of this time for us, as the parents!


Do any of you watch one of my favorite shows - Top Chef? I have been struck this season, and fairly annoyed by, the amount of effing product placement in this show.

GE Monogram appliances, Glad Ware, Swanson's stock, Toyota, WHOLE FOODS, Calphalon nonstick pans that my favorite dude, Kevin, won last night and like a douche had to walk into the room and say 'I won me some Calphalon nonstick pans, yeah'. And those are just the products I can think of off the top of my head, from last night!!

You can practically tell what the agreement is with certain products - Glad Ware pays the most, Toyota not so much. Enough for them to show the Ravs driving to the Whole Foods, etc. It is so subtle yet blatant and for some reason it is driving me batty this season. Do watch this show? If so, do you notice this? Or is it just me?
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