Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Ashley wrote me this email yesterday. It brought tears to my eyes. I am proud of Matthew. He is my sweet caring little man:

"We were at Michael's looking for a project and not having much luck. I suggested making a special treat and he said, "I know what we can do. We can make cookies for the lady across the street that has cancer. She isn't feeling very well."

And so they did. And we delivered them to her husband, Larry. He told us she had a treatment that day. One of her last treatments before they reassess her situation. We hope that those treats brought a smile to her face.


I have exactly one week and a half till my 5k running goal is accomplished. Then I felt I had only a vague idea what to do next. I am digging this running gig but it is harder now that winter approaches. And it takes up a lot of time. I want to find excuses because it is just easier to slack. But I do not want to. Double edged sword.

I like that I am having fun running. That it has become easier to run 3 miles and even 5 miles possibly even SEVEN miles! Yet I am a bit frustrated with the scale. The fact that I am still where I was when I started on this journey in terms of weight and clothing fit. I know it is more then that but it sure would be nice to see more results.

My goals are shifting obviously because my goal was to train for and run a 5k which is going to happen in a week and a half. What I have decided is this: I am going to cross train a bit and move away from purely running. I like running but it is kicking my body's proverbial arse. I also think the key to weight loss is through cross training - a combo of weights and varied cardio activity as well as a healthy well balance diet. This is how I got fit before so I have no doubts it will work. The one thing I need I am finding is a goal other then a number on the scale or a clothing size. As I suggested that would be nice but it is much more fun to get somewhere at the end of it all.

I think I am going to try running the YMCA 5k as well as a little "fun run" that one of the ladies from BBC started a few years back, both of which occur in November. The BBC run is informal and silly and they run this 5k race first thing in the morning on Thanksgiving Day. I like the idea of starting out the holidays on a healthy note!

I figure with those two running goals that will get me through to December when I will reassess. Likely I will continue to cross train through till Spring but I would enjoy looking at something bigger like a Bi-athalon so I get back in the water to swim again. It has been ages and I am actually hankering to get back in the pool and swim, for once! Or possibly running a 10k which would require some additional training measures other then "just cross training".

The most important thing for now is that I feel fabulous. I am having fun working out again, it is not pure drudgery like it has been when I ultimately tried and gave up on various occasions over the past few years. I feel happy that I am committed to a lifestyle change because it was always how I lived my life prior to having kids and it has been sorely missed. While it was a lot of fun to eat a lot of junk foods that I gave up for years and years, I am kind of over it all. Not to say that I am going to be a total avoider but with a sense of commitment to a change it makes it easier and I am just plain thrilled to recommit to my goals!
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