Friday, September 4, 2009

Ten Things I Love - Weekly Edition

I like how cool it has been in the evenings - perfect for running.

Marisa likes to help put the dishes away. It is cute how she squawks and looks infinitely busy doing this activity. I can definitely see touches of the girl she will become in the coming years!

I love Matthew's on going addiction to The Magic Tree House series. We have now made our way through 10 of those books. I am equally addicted.

Marisa loves shoes, shoes, shoes. That is scary!

I love how last night when the sun set, it made the clouds turn orange and pink to the east making the whole sky look like a painting. It was lovely!

I am excited about the new neighborhood I discovered that I can run to. There are minor hills to get there and it is a super nice neighborhood that I was not even aware existed right near our house!

How Matthew grins ear to ear when we pick him up from school.

How happy it makes me to open Google Reader each morning.

When Matthew snuggled up to me earlier this week and told me that he wished I could be home with he and Marisa every day, all day (this also made me sad for the record.)

Getting to finally at long last to see my family.
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