Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend By Numbers

Exercises Performed This Weekend:
Ran 3 miles (Fri Evening)
Two rounds of weights on Cybex machines (Fri Evening)
Ran 5 miles (ish) (Sat AM)
Yoga 1 hour (Sat AM)
Ran 7 miles (Sun AM)

Things had after the 7 mile run:
Huge Asiago bagel from the BBC, a tall Caramel Apple Spice Cider from Starbucks and a bowl full of homemade fruit salad!

Root Beer Floats Ingested on a rainy Sunday afternoon:

Beautiful Amazing Million Dollar Ice Cream Parlors Visited:
One (GO!)

Bathrooms Cleaned (goal was two):

Carpets Vacuumed (goal was the whole house):

Laundry folded:
Three FULL baskets UGH (And I put it all away!)

Time Spent Prepping Matthew for the letter B this week at school:
Four (in a fun way just for the record!)

Number of words that begin with the letter 'B':
25932859 billion

Number of words that begin with the letter 'A'"
Not nearly as many that are acceptable or easy to see from the car window!

Number of photo ops for our son this week:

Time I spent on the floor giggling with the kids:
A lot :)

Best hour spent:
Dance party with Marisa and Matthew Saturday morning!

Number of goofy photos taken Saturday morning:

Butterscotch-Chocolate Chip Scotties Baked on a whim Saturday Evening:
Four dozen

# of Cookies Eaten immediately Hot Out of the Oven:

Hours slept on average per night:
Four (wail... between Matthew's hacking cough and Marisa's continued up at 4:00am thang my sleep life has gone to hell in a hand basket!)

Ready for the week:
Heck yeah!
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