Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Hodge Podge

What an amazing weekend, weather wise. We had the perfect late summer - early fall weekend! I never know what this time of year is called. Things are still bursting into bloom and lush looking in some places while other things are shedding their leaves, their flowers are kaput, and over all looking rather pathetic like I have not truly lovingly cared for them all year long, telling a lie to all who look at them.

Saturday was amazing both with the kids and in general. Sunday was a bit of a bear - one of those days where you question why you decided to produce offspring and don't said offspring know that we feel as tired as they do!? Matthew and Marisa both got up on the wrong side of the proverbial bed and conspired to be cranky little beasts all day long.

Marisa alternately shrieked at me to pick her up up up and sobbed uncontrollably every time I tried to put her down, clinging to my leg. We are still unsure about the origin of this. Could it just be normal Toddler behavior? Or is it something more SINISTER!? I know she is in the long ass process of cutting an eye tooth, maybe a canine as well. It is hard to say. She chomps down on my wee finger every time I try to check so I just stopped checking because YOUCH! She also may or may not have a cold. Perhaps a combo cold-teething thing? Oy who knows with these babies.

I did some gardening last evening. The front yard has been neglected for two weeks which is the longest I have let the front go due to the vacation and the run schedule. It needed some tending to say the least. Mostly the flowers needed to be dead headed and I needed to cut back some of the plants that are going dormant for the winter already.

Kevin also did a project in our garden and added a crap load of top soil to get the garden ready for next spring and he planted some fall carrots just to see what would happen. We are still getting banana peppers, bell peppers and tomatoes. And from Matthew's pumpkin seed growing kit we are producing a crazy amount of pumpkins! One of which is currently adorning the front step already!

This weekend was filled with working out too. I ran 3 miles on Friday on the dreaded treadmill, I ran 5 miles on Saturday in the pitch black (scary!) and I ran 7 miles on Sunday in the glorious cool morning weather. I also had my first yoga class which I loved and cannot wait to go again! And I decided to do two circuits of weights on the Cybex machines after yoga. It is nice to actually use our Y membership for something other then getting discounts on classes.

Kevin mowed the lawn and rinsed off the car after we went "off roading in it" - which actually had Matthew giggling with delight! He is so going to be a country boy, I tell you!

Marisa and I played all over the house at varying times throughout the weekend. She is big into getting into everything she should not unless I lay down on the floor and just let her play on or near me. She is also big into climbing and seems to have no fear of falling to her death. I spent the weekend rescuing her from various perilous locations. Finally, she had a ball playing in the sandbox. She sat in there by herself while I did dog poop duty in the yard for a good 25 minutes. Sure she ate some sand but it really was just a little sand. Matthew was stuffing sand in his gaping maw at that age hand over fist!!

We had a play date on Saturday which kept Matthew happy and busy for the afternoon!

Groceries were done by Friday which was nice!

Kevin took the kids to the park not once but twice!

Which is part of the reason Matthew was so tired yesterday. They ran into a friend from Matthew's camp, Noah. Apparently Matthew and Noah had a ball and also I am supposed to call Noah's mommy for a play date as I was informed by the 4 year old. Ummm yeah Matthew's doesn't get that Mommy has some minor social anxiety when it comes to calling people she does not know for play dates... Le sigh!

We visited Michael's on Matthew's insistence and Lowe's on Kevin's insistence. When we arrived from our shopping adventures, Matthew announced that he wanted to go knock on the neighbor's door to see if Olivia could come out and play. By the time Olivia had to leave for dinner, Matthew was in overload melt down mode. We hurried through dinner and whisked him off to bed at 6:30p! Marisa went down not much after that so it was quiet evening for us!

Oh and I think I did enough laundry to last me for the rest of the month. I officially wish that Alice from the Brady Bunch lived in our house!

How was your weekend?
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