Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Bugs

Okay, shake it off. Whew that last post was FUN, I tell you. Full of FUN little tidbits, right?! YEAH. SO Friday is a better and new day. I am over it all and if I am not I am sucking it up and living with it because dude WOE is me right. Poor middle class life filled with such desperation and sadness (per Tess). Wail... life is so rough.

And again thank GAWD for my kids. Look pictures of them. In cute costumes! YEAH! By the way, just so you know I like taking photos of both of my kiddos but Matthew has been on a NO PICTURES Mommy kick recently. I am happy with the ONE good-ish shot I did get of him (and I had to crop the shit out of that one so yippy...)

Marisa was SO excited to be a ladybug she cried! No No she was really REALLY hungry and if we had just fed her she would have been fine. GO figure.

Spiderman minus the "mask" unaware that Mommy is taking pictures :)

The full costume antenna and all! (waiting to get her food...)


I do not know why but I just LURVE this photo of Miss Peach. Squeeeee!

Here's to an Ooky Spooky Kooky Happy Halloween to all!
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