Monday, October 19, 2009

Dread The Tread

My hate-hate relationship with treadmills continues. I am now convinced that the treadmill (#10 at the Y if you must know - umm am creature of habit and I must admit I get totally put out when I get there and someone is on MY machine) is trying to slowly kill me. Especially my knees and calves and ankles and... okay pretty much any part of body needed for running. Running on the 'mill is hard, man, hard (and not a good wow I am really have a great workout kind of hard). I ran outside yesterday and I miss it. Dude, I miss summer already (WAILLLL!)

The outside run yesterday was the best seven miles I have run in weeks. All joking aside, I really do dread the tread. I go to the gym at night begrudgingly these days not because I do not like the gym. In fact, I love the gym. I am away from home for an hour, I get to see other people and I am off the couch working out. But the mill, that dreaded evil mill. I think I am going to try just running on the indoor track this week. While running in circles is not any more attractive I am hoping it will give my body a break from the forced pounding on the treadmill. After the 5k this week I am definitely going to take a cross training approach for a bit. My knees are just sore and painful and I hobble about grimly after sitting for too long or just after I get out of bed in the morning. PA-thetic.

In order to ignore the mill and keep myself entertained I have been uploading shit to the iPod other than music. Audio Podcasts and free books/stories. Two of my recent favorites include This American Life. I know I can listen to this on the radio on Sunday mornings but I always miss it. It has been awesome to catch it on Tuesday via my iPod.

My other favorite show is actually a video podcast called Rotten Tomatoes. It is AWESOMENESS x 20. I love this show. I want to get on this show. I want to review craptastic movies and make snarky ass comments about the crappy movies! I want to be on there just so I too can make others laugh their asses off while running on the 'mill which almost makes them trip and fall to their deaths all because dude that was a funny ass thing to say about schmoopy Katherine Heigl in that dud of a movie she made last summer (is that her name? sorry if you like Grey's Anatomy - not my cup of tea or coffee or whatever but also dude she is annoying. Her and Helen Hunt. Cannot STAND those two...)

If you like sarcasm, and OH I do, the Rotten Tomatoes show is for you.

I weighed in this weekend. The good news is that I lost the three pounds I regained in recent weeks. I am happy about that. Not that I have been eating any better. I am looking at you bag of Candy Corn and Mike-Sels Wavy potato chips. The bigger thing I have noticed is that the back fat seems to be slowly melting away. Mind you I STILL have the back fat but it does not seem as pronounced.

As if you want to know about my back fact (ACCOUNTABILITY peeps) or that I finally FINALLY had a real live girlie time of month a week ago. I think my body is fighting with all its might to get back to being "normal". My hormones have been rocking and rollin'. I do believe that the weight gain came from this increase in hormonal activity lo these past weeks. Emotionally the hormone dance has taken its toll. I feel up and down and all around and less even keel then I have in two years which sucks.

And from the stand point of changes, I look like a 14 year old with gray hair and wrinkles because I am totally rocking the acne. And not like 'Oh I have a pimple here and there' (as an aside, I do not like the word 'pimple' and much prefer the word 'ZIT' which must say something about me from a generational standpoint, right?! Yeah that's it!) These zits are massive painful hell fire eruptions that make my neck or chin or forehead throb. I guess the good thing is if the lights go out the beacon of redness emanating from my forehead will guide us through till the light returns?! Like frickin' Rudolf.

SO let's review here (OMG make it end - I know this what I am thinking so no doubt you are as well!) Running outside gets two thumbs up, on the dreaded treadmill none. Rotten tomatoes podcasts rock and make me laugh so hard I nearly kill myself on the 'mill. Hormones suck because they make me fat, emotional and pimple-y. Finally is it SO wrong to use any more parentheses in a post? (Answer: NEVER).

And that my friends is one hell of a Monday morning post.
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