Friday, October 16, 2009

Five For Friday: Cute Kid Things

1.) Marisa gets SO geeked it is to the point of comical when she sees any animal, mostly dogs but lately just about any animal gets her going. She gawks, points, and starts talking/shrieking, all while smiling and trying to touch the animal, even if the animal is on the television!

2.) Matthew is totally Rico Suave. Yesterday, I wore a skirt and silver shiny tights and my "riding" boots (I know HAWTT-ness right?!). Matthew asked me 'why I looked so beautiful today?' I slanted by eyes and shot back 'don't I look beautiful every day?' To which he further slanted his eyes with a sparkle in his eyes and replied back to me "Why Mommy you do look beautiful everyday but you look EVEN MORE beautiful today..." I told Kevin he could learn something from his 4 year old!

3.) How Marisa says "moo ahh" when she kisses good-bye but usually the moo ahh comes AFTER she kisses us. This is like watching the TV where the voices do not match the mouths. It cracks me up.

4.) That Matthew is into doing yoga. And holy crap, it is funny to watch. There are these 10 minutes short yoga shows he asks to do just about everyday after school.

5.) Dance parties at our house after dinner before bed - dude, our kids have better moves then Kevin and I put together which is not saying much I suppose! We totally rock out to Toddler Tunes. While fall/winter suck because we are stuck inside, dance parties totally have my heart! I love watch my two wee babes dancing and weaving and giggling.
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