Friday, October 9, 2009

Five for Friday (Double sized) NPR Edition

It is no secret I love NPR. It makes me infinitely happy to listen to it every day and night. In fact, recently I finally started listening to the Podcasts I have been uploading to my iPod for, like, forever.

Talk radio warms my little heart. I can remember getting into my dad's car at any given time and he always had talk radio on. I did not understand most of it because let's face it Dad's a smartie pants. Also, he is/was a hardcore conservative Republican, Engineering type of dude who liked Sci Fi books and science and travelled most of the world by the time he was in his mid 30s.

I used to think he was brilliant... turns out he just worked harder then most people putting in long ass hours at work and travelling the world for work. He gave me a specific appreciation for black coffee as well consuming vast amounts of it before noon. All this must have worked out well for him I suppose. And us I mean his hard work afforded us a lot of "stuff", right?! So yo when he WAS home, talk radio was always on in the car and on the radio in the garage by his work bench.

Tangent*. His talk radio obsession has fostered my own talk radio interests. NRP is on every radio in the house, both cars as well as the iPod. (good lord long ass explanation for this?! Seriously did I just write a whole blog post about this?!?!?!)

My top favorite NRP shows that I always try to listen to or catch are as follows and in no particular order:

This American Life (this is BY FAR one of my favorites)

Car Talk

A Prairie Home Companion (probably in the league of TAL - I wish they would bring back radio shows. I would totally give up TV for listening to the radio!)

Morning Edition

The Thistle and Shamrock

All Things Considered


Fresh Air

Radio Reader


* I swear I am on a permanent tangent lately... fucking random. Also I want more coffee specifically a grande Pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and one of those square damned doughnuts in the kitchen... OY!

** Loving the rainy gray days this week. Not sure why just fits my mood.

*** Looking forward to the long weekend except for the fact that Matthew has this tiny little cough that popped up. Crap.
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