Monday, October 5, 2009

Fourteen and a few

Hello my wee baby girl,

I am behind from a much MUCH needed computer hiatus. Daddy and I had a work retreat Friday with no computer access. Then we had a most wonderful evening out at the best restaurant in B-town, Tallent, with our co-workers and paid for by our amazing boss. It was an unexpected night out away from you and Matthew. While I missed seeing you the entire day, I am proud of you for being such a trooper about it. You definitely experience less separation anxiety then Matthew ever did. You smile and wave and jump down to join your brother in his shenanigans before we even close the back door.

You, my dear, are officially without a doubt a toddler these days. With that said, you are such an even tempered child. This constantly amazes me even as I type it. Not that Matthew was not a wonderful baby, but you seem more laid back, less prone to freak outs, it is rare that you flip that switch. And if you do it is less likely that Daddy and I will respond to it then we did with Matthew. This just means we are better at being your parents and has nothing to do with caring less.

You are charming. Like yesterday even though your nap was poor, you rose to the occasion and went grocery shopping with me. From the moment we got in the car till the moment we got home you were smiley and happy. You spent the entire time waving and chatting to everyone who passed and made friends with little Mia while her mommy and I chatted.

When I say you are officially a toddler I mean to say that you like to HIT, and BITE, and HEAD BUTT (?!), and THROW. Let me start with the throwing. Little miss you throw better than your brother does now. You have an amazing throwing arm that almost always hits the mark with accuracy. And the left one ain't bad either!

The head butt we think you learned from Matthew. He likes to bump heads with you in a loving way. In your excitement to show off I think you take it a step further. The hitting is in frustration when you want something but do not have the words to tell us what and the biting, oy the biting. You bite me in the rump recently! And the shoulder and both arms and you bite Matthew and Daddy and I swear I caught you trying to bite Lucy the other day.

Just SIX more teeth baby. SIX. You can do it. Let's get err done quickly and be out of that stage. I am ready, Daddy is ready, Matthew is definitely ready. He does not like being bitten by you! At least you do it with a smile ;)

You are shockingly daring. I think you are daring for two reasons. One you have a lovely example from Matthew who shows you the ropes. And two, we let you do all of the stuff we never let Matthew do. Fling yourself off the bed, go for it. Climb the stool and totter off it, weeeee. Jump from the couch to the ground... okay I draw the line there (mostly because you grab the picture frames off the sofa table and it drives us CRAZY) but you try. But I may have no choice in that matter since you are close to getting yourself UP onto the couch by yourself.

You LOVE dogs. Matthew couldn't have given a hoot about the dogs at your age. But you, you think they are the cat's meow (heh). Your favorite thing to do is pet and feed them. And you feed them like an old pro. However a request from both dogs: please stop throwing our food all over the place after you get it for us!

Your sleep is tied to the teething and/or colds. I am okay with that since you sleep far better than Matthew ever did at any given time through the age of three! HA. You have moments of brilliance and not so moments of brilliance.

You look so grown up in your warm fall/winter clothing. I was thinking over the weekend how at this time last year I carrying you in a sling and you were just so teeny tiny. Now you are this big girl. Wearing 18 and 24 months clothing. We even bought you a 2T jacket!

You are using many signs from more to drink to please and thank you and eat and all done and nurse and the list goes on. We are at that stage where you almost never need to be prompted any more to use them, you just use them! My all time favorite "sign"/word you have is for hot. You blow on your finger and say 'haw haw' when I say something is hot. It is pretty dang cute! You have a number of words but the most common ones include DAWG (and when you see a dog including your own you flap your arms and shriek DAWG DAWG like a crazy girl!), momma, dadda, Mat-hew, haw haw (hot), hai (hi), brrrr (bird), boo boo (book), AHHHH (Ashley) and then you use a bunch of these same words for others things.

You still love shoes and we can add socks to the list of clothing items you love! Matthew HATED socks. He would tear them off the moment we hit the door but you will wear a pair of socks all day long. You even pop a squat to put them on and you are trying with all your might to dress yourself. I remember diaper changes being a terror with Matthew and with you I can distract you and generally you are happy to oblige. Some days especially when the teethies are bothering you this is not the case.

You dig yourself a bath and will run to the bathroom to get in the tub. This is a change. You hated the bath for awhile but you are back to loving it. You ask for soap and rub it in your hair and on your baby Buddha belly. And it is very sweet and you giggle when you get your hair rinsed out. Much nicer then the screaming shrieking red faced anger from before!

Your favorite toys at the moment: anything Matthew has which is very upsetting to him and this is not a toy per say but climbing on the little chairs in the basement to 'play' with the cash register then getting down to do it all over again. You also love books and more and more you get a book and plop in our laps to "read" them. Albeit upside down but read none the less!

You are a master on the stairs now. You are FAST going up and you equally as fast going down. Sometimes on your bum and some times belly down, either way you are fast. Did I say you are FAST on the stairs?!

I love this age because you are clingy which is weird but I know how fast the cling fast phase lasts, and it is not nearly long enough. You give the world's best hugs and kisses. I know this is getting long but Marisa I love you so dearly. And I am proud of you. I am also proud of Matthew for weathering the storm of having a toddler sister. I proud of how you and he play "hide & seek" together and how he chases you and you run squealing away from him. Then turn to catch him. I love you with all of my heart for being my daughter, my baby, and such a lovely sister already (minus the biting and the head butting and the toppling of Lincoln log monster truck garages!)

One last thing: Matthew helped me to carry his entire Little People barn down to the basement yesterday afternoon. And we brought his Bat cave up to replace it. I was so proud of him. He said he liked that you both could play with the barn whenever you all wanted and he could have his bat cave upstairs in his room where he could play with it without fighting you off for it! He is learning and growing just like you and while I may not comment on this monthly like I do with you I am so proud of both of you, so proud my heart could burst.

Happy 14 months belatedly!

Love, Mommy
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