Monday, October 26, 2009

Hodge Podge of Randomness

Uhhh yeah so I totally took a picture of picture so there's that and that is weird but whatever. It is still freaking me out (the picture, not the whole picture of the picture thing...) but look Matthew's first school photo!

Marisa likes yogurt and she roots in the fridge to get it out almost every day at lunch. Last week, Matthew took it upon himself to assist her with her passion.

We walked around the corner and this is what we found - the two of them quietly eating and giggling. After they finished the little white dog came and cleaned up. It was truly a family affair. Can't make this stuff up, people, can't make it up.

We took a trip to an Apple Farm a few weeks back and here are some shots of that adventure!

Fall really is lovely!

On our drive home from the Apple farm we saw this mini van and its meaningful license plate. I stopped laughing long enough to take a photo...

Ahh life in Indiana kicks ass and keeps us laughing!
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