Thursday, October 15, 2009

"I love you Snow White"

Matthew may kill me one day for writing this but dude the kid is so funny I cannot help myself.

On coughing so hard last night he pseudo threw up:
He looked me mortified and said "Mommy I coughed so hard I spitted it up." (Kay the coughing so hard part till he spit up was not funny it was the priceless expression and the perfect kindergarten speak that made me smile.)

Ashley told me that yesterday Matthew tooted. Then he proceeded to walk over to her and try to stick his butt on her leg and said "I am a skunk and I am going to spray you!" all while trying to squeeze another toot out of his butt.

Again yesterday Ashley was upstairs with Marisa and Matthew was downstairs. She came down the stairs and she heard Matthew talking. She peeked around the corner and he was sitting at his little blue kiddie table with this Step 1 reader book. It happened to be a princess book that he picked out ages ago when he was really into princesses. He was whispering to the book and kissing the pictures of the princesses. Ashley said she could not hear all of what he said but the gist of it was this: "I love you Snow White. I wish you could come to life. Whisper whisper, kiss kiss."

I was in the kitchen this past weekend (go figure, it is where I spend my life...) and I heard Matthew "invite" Marisa into his room to play with his things. For all the times he can be 'rough' with her, he is equal amounts of sweet with her as well.

On getting a package in the mailbox "is it for me? it is. It says my name. RIGHT?" It was for him but it did not say his name. I told him it said my name but it was for him. Hours later he looked at me and said "Mommy that package... did it say my name or yours, for real?"

Matthew is currently into monster trucks, dinosaurs, Lego's, randomly his train set, and Star Wars (though he has never seen this set of movies or cartoons or anything) and he thinks he is into Transformers but we figured out that he THINKS that Transformers are part of Star Wars.

Four. It is an adventure.
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