Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Pledge

Matthew was in the shower and Kevin was doing what he always does when Matthew takes a shower and I am holding down the fort cleaning the kitchen whilst the baby screams at my feet and the dogs are barking and OMG HALP. Kevin was watching ESPN secretly in a darkened room (or worse yet if there is nothing on ESPN, he is secretly watching freakin' MSNBC or the public access channel. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.) Any who, some times apparently, Kevin actually listens to Matthew in the shower.

Matthew is at that age where he can create these whole amazing worlds out of something as simple as a green rubber duck or some new Matchbox emergency vehicles. It is fun to sit and listen to him, to try to imagine what it was like to be that age and not self conscious and adult and OMG whatever happened to my wonderful imagination (wail...) Some times I miss being a kid. Good thing we had kids to relive it all!

Frack, I totally digress at this point because I am way WAY off topic.

Matthew was chattering on in the shower when he suddenly said the ENTIRE Pledge of Allegiance. The fuck? I cannot remember the entire pledge of allegiance but then again my memory has not always been my strong suite. That is to say that I was never that smart to begin with from the get go. I probably come across as painfully socially uncomfortable and/or ditzy and/or rude. But seriously y'all I partied, like A LOT. Beginning at the brillant age of 14-ish. That is a good 15 years of party hardy behavior that pretty much squashed any remaining brain cells into a pulpy mess. I am socially retarded, people, socially freaking retarded. Crap. Again with the off topic stuff. SO my sweet earnest little boy can totally rock the pledge of allegiance.

Only he says "I pledge my Egypts to the Flag of the United States of America..." My kid is smart. He is still my kid though ;) Now if I could just get him to remember how sit PROPERLY at the dinner table, we would be all set.
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