Monday, October 19, 2009

Like It Used To Be

If I have not mentioned it, it is fall. The leaves are changing. The weather is cooler. And Matthew is doing fall soccer. Fall soccer is great except for the fact that it starts out a normal temperature when we get there and ends freezing cold. It starts out sunny and pretty and ends as the sun is setting and it is C-C-Cold! And there's mud which Matthew likes to find and roll in, often to make other kids laugh. Finally, and most telling, Matthew "tackles" the ball... YES, I said this is soccer, NOT football. He's too little for football yet so soccer it is.

To distract you, ohhh look pretty leaves!


Leaf floating in a sea of grass

I heard him tell this little girl "I like your shirt"... Ummm yeeeah.

Water BREAK!

In Motion

The last of the sun

After the cold soccer session, I took Matthew to Starbucks for a couple of hot apple ciders and we drove around looking for "spookies" (Halloween decorations.) It turned out to be an unexpectedly wonderful time with Matthew. We drove around joking and laughing and talking about silly things. It made me so happy, and melancholy.


Yesterday, I took out their baby photo albums and looked at my kids when they were just born. And I am amazed. I am amazed at their growth and development but mostly I am amazed at how quickly it has all happened. Tonight, Matthew used the word 'gloomy' like he always knew that word. Was it really just a little over a couple of years ago that I worried about his speech? I keep wondering where that time went. I know I was right here enjoying it but there are moments where it still feels so fleeting, like it flew by in a heart beat.

He referred to himself as 'Matt' tonight and I got all wide eyed, and my heart ached a little bit. Matthew is growing taller and bigger and he definitely more of his own person. He is changing as he sleeps in the room next to me, as I type this. And that amazes me. My Matthew, my first baby. What a wild ride this parenting thing is...
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