Thursday, October 8, 2009


So the whole Physical Fitness thing (Big P, Big F indeed) has been going well. That is to say that I have continued running and have been adding in things I did not do when I was doing the 8 week training for the last 5k. I did the 30 minute Shred with Jillian Michael's which was ironically on Tuesday WHILE the Biggest Loser was on. I did this On Demand so I have no idea what the DVD is like but it kind of bothers me that she is all eat right eat right focus get past your issues on the show but on the exercise video you get none of that. Which I guess who wants preachy when you are getting your ass kicked ten ways to Sunday but still it would be nice to have mean Jillian tell me NOT to eat a pile of candy after I finish my 30 Shred thus negating the entire activity. Ya know?!

With that said, I am still FAILing at the eating well thing. I blame two things. Bad habits die hard + stress = Eating Crappy Failure. I never was like this back in the day when I was a crazy hard core fitness crazy 20 something and I had all kinds of control & time to eat right. Now I revert back to baby brain and/or I made it through the day behavior therefore I deserve a big ole fatty reward. Right now I am essentially working to maintain weight which is not my goal. FAIL FAIL FAIL!

The 30 minute Shred did not fail me. I am sore. Like last night I went to run my 6 x 400s at a mile pace and wants to scream in pain the entire time. The good thing about the pain it that it appears Jillian and her evil Shred targeted a much needed area - the inner thigh but holy crap OUCH. Today, I am walking like I rode my horse out west and back. Sore.

In the form of an update, I changed my mind about the 10k thing in November. I got nervous and scared and I was tired so I am back to just plain training. Now I am signed up to do another 5k in a couple weeks. Kevin is planning to run the YMCA 5k so I will be sitting that one out. Then I am going to do the "fun run" on Turkey Day. By that time, I think I will be ready to start looking at 10k runs. I wanted to get some 5k runs under my belt. Also, I think my coworkers talked me into running the Mini in Indy in May. I need to make a decision fairly quickly about doing that as well.

To recap: I am happy with the physical side of things. I am tired and sore and some times that makes me miserable. I am still eating poorly and every week I plan to eat better and then fail. It will happen eventually, I feel I just need to be patient and take baby steps. It will all come together.

Best of all, I dig that Matthew kicks me out of his room at night and says "Go run, Mommy." That is a lovely thing to hear. That he is seeing us get fit and taking care of ourselves is one of the best gifts I can give him, I feel.

I am constantly walking around with a knot in my tummy lately. I have various worries that have been keeping me up at night, literally. Most of which I will not write about here but the one I will comment on is anyone ready for Christmas yet? Do you have an idea about what to get your kids even? I am at a loss at the moment.

We are going to try to do less gifts this year. I am tired of the ridiculous consumerism that occurs in our house but also Matthew is getting to age where he will start to expect EVERY Christmas to be all about the gifts and I want him to like it for reasons OTHER then that. He gets plenty both at Christmas and through out the year. Besides, Christmas is about the baby Jesus and all that jazz, right!?

At any rate, usually I have some idea about something "big" that he really wants or that we want to give him but this year? Nada. Same goes for Marisa. UGH.

And I want to shop early just to get some of that out of the way, you know?

*In grade school, PE was one of my favorite classes along with History and English. I liked to run with the fastest kids and while I was horrible at any sport involving a ball I still liked to compete. I can still remember doing calisthenics in the gym at St. Mary's! And doing the fitness challenge thing. I was always one of the smallest but I was mighty and could kick most of the boys butts! While the school I went to was small, we had a lot of great PE options and we had this pair of dorky but fun youngish PE teachers. I hope that Matthew gets to experience such a positive view of PE when he is young.

In high school, I got to opt out of PE because I swam 400 gajillon hours a week. I never missed it there but I also went to a big snooty suburban HS so it was likely a good thing that I had the chance to opt out. That would have completely collapsed any shred of self esteem I possessed in HS. Any who that is random right,!?

And I will leave you with this charming Jillian-ism:
"I just look at a bagel and my ass gets bigger!" (heh... how true it is my dear how true!)
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