Monday, November 2, 2009

All Is Spooky In the Neighborhood

Ah Halloween. It is always filled with freaky fun and chocolate-y peanut-y goodness; pumpkin guts and c-c-cold Fall nights; large beautiful full moons with wisps of silvery clouds that make it even more spooky! Boo!

On Friday, Kevin and I left work early, got the kids dressed and brought them to our work to raid Katie's cubby (the best candy cubby on earth!) and make ample noise and took every single person out of production! We are super helpful like that!

Spidey and his new SPOOKY basket!

Ladybug Marisa who figured out this trick or treating gig RIGHT AWAY which just sent chills of fear through me :)

Then we went home and carved pumpkins - Matthew drew the designs for this year's pumpkins and they were awesome! Matthew liked every part of making the jack o laterns from the guts to the Potato head witch pumpkin we made.

Plus bonus we paid 99 cents for our pumpkins - all FIVE of them were grown in our backyard this summer! Dude that kicks ass!

Gooey pumpkin gut hands


Marisa sat and ate and smiled the entire time!

Life imitating art or is that art imitating life...

I love this pumpkin from the lid to the mouth and just the Matthew-ness of it!

And of course there are Kevin's salty seeds which were the best batch yet.

On to Halloween night! Yeah-ness. I made homemade chili, cornbread (from scratch my first time!), apple cider, and candy treats throughout the night! While I was shoveling food into my mouth Kevin took the kids outside to wait for 5:30 to arrive. And here is what he got!

Matthew was READY to trick or treat, kind of, as Venom Spiderman (who knew there was such a thing???) (also two costumes for the price of one - word.)

Closest thing Kevin could get of the two kids together in their costumes. It is what it is... moving on, next year better and all that jazz.

Marisa REALLY loves leaves - the kicking of, the running through, the rolling into, so forth and so on.

And here is a shot... I don't know I was busy filling my pie hole with food. It just makes me laugh.

Busy Bug - every shot of Marisa was in motion...

Spiderman in the spiderweb and his pumpkins and giant spiders OHH SPOOKY!

This one just makes me smile and sad and OMG chubby baby legs in polka dot tights num num num.

Matthew minus his spiderman hat (it was TOO hot), Marisa as a snuggled up bug in her stroller, and I hit our 'hood for about an hour. We had a ball chatting with neighbors, checking out other spooky and not so spooky people and houses and watching in amazement at the droves of people pouring into our neighborhood.

Marisa and I were freezing so we forced Matthew home. He went happily and said "we can go scare Daddy and then I can work with Daddy to pass out the candy!"

Kevin put Marisa to bed and the three of us sat cozied up together talking and giggling and passing out candy! It was the perfect Halloween!
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