Friday, November 13, 2009

Five For Friday: The Arbitrary Edition

It is Friday the 13th - that means good luck for the entire day!

Last night as I was driving home from work and it was just starting to get dark, I noticed the beautiful clear blue sky with tiny fat white fluffy clouds laid out before me and the sun cutting across the sky just so. I thought I am so glad to be alive, to be able to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of this place I am living in right now.

The colors of the leaves as they blow past the windows outside our house on a breezy day and how the dogs get all het up about said leaves. It makes me giggle and drives me nuts all at once!

After running four miles, eating a Christmas cupcake that Matthew picked out and made for my birthday while in bed under the covers with the dogs sidled up next to me last night. Heaven, I tell you, Heaven!

I bought this hat and this sports bra - I am SO excited to get them. I have always wanted to order from Title Nine because their stuff looks heavenly but I never worked out hard enough to justify. Now I am and I had some birthday money to burn! Next up running or yoga pants from Lululemon when I have a spare $100 bucks lying around ;)

It is supposed to be a beautiful Saturday around these parts so get out and ENJOY! It is supposed to RAIN RAIN RAIN next week here. Also, I think we are not going to have many more of these lovely warm fall days before the dregs of winter set in! Happy Friday y'all!
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