Monday, November 23, 2009


The weekend was kind of rotten for me. It had good points but it had its bad ones too. Turns out the fact that I was been exhausted and kind of blah the past week or so is because I am sick. Yup. Head cold sick but still enough to make me feel unmotivated and slothful and generally just GROSS.

I only ran three days last week. And the week before it was only four. Every week I plan to get back into my training schedule and stick to it and every week I find an excuse to not go for a day which then means I have to go on my "rest" day but THAT is my rest day and I want to rest again and dude I need to turn the ole brain off and get back into things because being lazy is a very very very slippery slope I tell you.

Matthew and I went to Borders yesterday evening and we had the best time. He helped me look for what we needed, we had free samples (him a cranberry chocolate chip cookie and me a cold java drink thingy both items but B&N's food to shame!) then we read a bunch of books and at check out time I used my 30% off coupon on Kevin's gift. Weee...

Do you see a theme here? NO?! Well let me tell you - I have been WAY into coupons lately. We hit Target yesterday morning and I got a $5.00 gift card by using my "coupon" from there!

I grocery shopped early for Thanksgiving dinner on Friday night. I figured the Kroger would be a zoo on Saturday and Sunday. A few things about grocery shopping in the evening at a huge Kroger.

For some reason, I kept thinking that this particular Kroger was open 24 hours. It may be, I still do not know but I was a bit paranoid the whole time I was there that they were going to shut the lights off on me. They never did but dude the people working the late shift at Kroger are... kind of rude and weird and really grouchy. WHICH I totally get but still it kind of made my trip... unpleasant.

Also, this is a Kroger that is "close-ish" to campus and the peeps who are in there are all buying booze - lots of booze. AND to top it all off it was like the first full night of New Moon being out and the theatre is up the way and there were some seriously TOO YOUNG girls trolling the liqueur section and I wanted to grab them by the scruff of their necks and kick them the hell out of there and tell them a thing or two about under aged drinking. I refrained but it got me in a horrible mood the more I thought about it! This all just reminded me that I am FUCKING old.

Any who, I saved a shit load of money (that is technical term: shit load BTW.) I used a $10.00 off coupon for buying a turkey and a "whole bunch" of coupons including another $2.00 off my Butterball turkey plus the turkeys were all discounted so essentially I paid like $9.00 for my $31.00 turkey. That KICKS ASS.

Also, I just wrote a whole bunch of paragraphs about shopping at the grocery store which just makes me fucking old too.

I digress. I am wearing my new shoes and OMG they are cute and they make me want to stare at my feet. I love shoes. I mean I LOVE shoes. If I had more money I would own a hell of a lot more shoes. LOVE. And my new Levi's and I want more Levi's. These are awesome. I rolled them up and moo-ah. Bright spot of the day: CUTE CLOTHING!

Marisa is sick too. To date she has been a lovely little girl even when she has been sick... yesterday not so much. She spent the entire day alternately whining and crying NON STOP which is kind of how I felt so we were not a good pair. Poor wee tot.

The bright spots included hitting the park with friends on Saturday, playing outside in the front yard on Saturday/Sunday, using my Kohl's bucks ($30) to buy gifts for two little ones, playing in the basement with the kids on Saturday AM, and getting some more Christmas shopping done. Slowly we are chipping away at our list but dude it still feels so fucking long.

I feel like saying fucking a lot today, or really any swear word will do... I am tired and sickly give me a break!

Here is a major low point for the weekend: freaking COMCAST SUCKS MY ASS. Our digital cable has been out since Friday and seriously it took me two days to get through to a real live human being and at the end of it all? We have a four hour window for a tech to come and see what the problem is today. Now granted both gentlemen who took care of me on the phone were super doper but still... no cable on the main TV and having to share the one remaining TV with Kevin and Matthew made me want to gouge my eyes out all weekend long. GAW. Hopefully it will get fixed today. I think it is the digital box.

Wow, so having re-read this it is not only random it is kind of gross. I mean where is the cohesion. The mad writing skilz, the finesse, the love. I am definitely bad mood Betty today. Here's hoping the cold medicine kicks in SOON. See also more coffee.
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