Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkeys Day

Ah the weekend was not all bad. We totally had a great Turkey day - the food was great and we had a lot of laughs. Marisa ate her weight in food and more which made up for Matthew's hen pecking. And when I saw hen pecking I mean he ate some bread and bitched about the rest of the meal. Not sure I will survive this stage BTW.

The foam hats came out again this year. I found another one for Marisa to wear. I have said it before - my kids will not like me much when they are 13. Eh well I probably won't like them much either so the feeling will be mutual, in a loving parent/teenager sort of way. I digress.

On to the pictures! As a side note or for your future reference or if you eat at my house, NO SHIRTS REQUIRED. (snort - if you read this in Google reader it totally said if you eat my house...)

Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving 2009 (see no shirt both years. Why? I have NO idea.)

Heh... this one is just... funny. Come on admit it, you snorted a little bit when you saw this one!?

Matthew decided to take it upon himself to add some "accessories" on Thanksgiving day. Apparently at some point in Matthew's life I told him how my Dad used to always carry his pens in his front shirt pocket, you know, in a pocket protector. Dude, it was the 80s and he was totally a geeky engineer type! Anyway, Matthew did this by himself and told me he was being like Grandpa F. I am sure my Dad would be OH so proud.

I just LOVE these photos for various reasons - these were taken post Thanksgiving meal. She does not like having her hair put up but it hangs in her eyes and it is maddening to us, mostly. She just looks so different with her hair up and cute and SQUEEE/WAIL... my baby is SO big.

The look I imagine I will get when she is 13 and has seen those photos up there. Like right before she slams the door in my face!


Also, be totally jealous, I just ordered our Holiday cards. I am SO on top of my shit, eh?! I checked and I did not order the cards until the 11th of December last year. Can I get a HELL YA in the house?!?!??!
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