Thursday, November 19, 2009


Television**. I used to perk up when a conversation came up about shows on TV. For awhile I was a bit lack luster about this topic. Partly because I was trying to cut back on the watching of and also I was thoroughly depressed about the fact that this is the last season of Monk... WAIL.

Any who recently there have been some shows that I am actually excited to watch or try to catch on the computer after airing/On Demand (since they beefed up their TV shows on there! YEAH!) There are the usual suspects that are on RIGHT NOW:

Survivor - Die hard Survivor fan. FOREVER.


Criminal Minds - Holy crap this is THE VERY BEST SHOW on TV in this genre. It is grisly and makes me hide my face and yet I love the characters and the stories and the quotes at the end and... simply the best, it is the best.

Amazing Race - seriously. If you do not watch you are not my friend. (I KID!)

CSI (the original) - even with no Grissom I still love this show - maybe it is the setting - Vegas anyone?

Top Chef - I want bearded Kevin to win but I think by far this is the best group yet and it is hard to say that one is better then the other - all four are amazing!

Biggest Loser - Every week I tune in for the last 1/2 hour. Scary, eh? I find the first hour and a half a bit...boring!

Cold Case - I LURVE THIS SHOW even though they put it on at the late hour of 10 on Sunday nights... even if I am exhausted I must stay up to watch it!

Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother - SQUEEE-LS OF HAPPINESS!

But recently I have been enjoying some "new" shows:

The Real House Wives of OC - this is by far my favorite group! I am so glad they are back and I was totally (sadly? pathetically?) thinking about how much this group has changed since the original group started.

Glee - seriously. GLEE. Watch it if you have not. It is totally a teeny bopper show which is right up my alley and I love that they sing and GLEE. Why not, it is called Glee - we could all use a little GLEE in our lives! And singing teens in High school - there is nothing better than that am I right or what?!

The Forgotten - Two words: Christian Slater. Whateves he was HWATT back in MY day and so therefore he is still pretty hwatt now! Yes, his show last season bombed but this show is pretty good. It is kind of like Cold Case and CSI.

I have not caught many other new shows due to the workout schedule but the ones I have caught I love!

Glee is on at the same time as Criminal Minds so it is a bit dicey to catch the entire thing and NO we do not have DVR/refuse to get DVR/am old school. Also I do not want my life to be run by TV so I will wait till Glee comes out on DVD or something like that and continue to catch it in bits and pieces between Criminal Minds. The other two shows are in the 10pm time slot so they are watchable.

As you can see I am addicted to reality tv but only certain ones. Most are a mockery.

I also really like crime shows. I am not sure why but I have been this way since I can remember. I always loved a good mystery book and I used to love to watch Hill Street Blues with my Dad back in the day so perhaps that is the formula for my attraction to those kinds of shows? Who knows...

And finally I totally love teeny bopper shows. Again no comprehension as to why but I have to admit to getting pretty geeked about new Disney Channel movies and some shows that are targeted at tweens... TOTAL DORK.

Anything you are watching that you love?

** I cannot believe I just wrote a whole post about television... especially since I am supposed to be watching less of it. As you can see, I am failing at this but at least I am going down in a FUN ball of flames ;)
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