Monday, December 14, 2009

To Dos

I do love this time of year. I love the decorations both inside and out. I love the baking. And cooking. And all of the great shows on TV. I LOVE the music and will drive everyone nut so with it. I love the projects. I love the secrets.

I do not love the part about trying to find gifts. Marisa was especially hard this year. I actually wrote an entire post about this a few weeks back but never posted it. I went into detail about what I got her. Then I stopped myself. As in 'Christina who the heck cares?' I mean I do, but others eh not so much. I am mostly done with her now I guess but I feel like I am not. I am thinking clothing. She needs clothing but we shall see... Plus we have a bunch of money that my mom and Kevin's grandma sent that we need to spend on gifts. My mom specifically asked me to do this so... I need to do it.

My mom gave me absolutely NO ideas this year. She said she just wishes for peace and love and blah blah... I can give out peace and love but I cannot GIVE peace and love. And here's the deal with my momma - she is passive aggressive y'all. She says she wants nothing but then if I got her nothing she would be SO FUCKING pissed and everyone between here and Seattle would know about her pissed offedness. Plus, oh and this is such a bonus plus, my mother's 70th birthday is exactly five days after Christmas. Fan-fucking-tastic. I would love to go out there to celebrate that with her but after the year we have had and the amount we travelled/spent on travel it is just not going to happen this year...

SO I have nothing for her. NOTHING. And I am freaking the fuck right out. I cannot even think of anything to get her. She is one of those people that if you do not get the gift exactly as she likes it she will not be thankful for it either... I am stressed about the giving part of things more than anything I guess.

I talked to my brother at length so I mostly got presents for my Dad and bro right, I think. If not, I do not want to know about it!

And Kevin is no better. I cobbled together a few items he said he wants but as usual I am sure it will seem paltry in comparison to what he got me...

I guess my point is that I feel unfinished. I have small things do for my three kids... er I mean two kids and husband. Stocking stuffers I guess???

I finally got ornaments for the kids. Matthew went with me and go figure he picked out Spiderman again this year. For Marisa, we got her the cutest little dog hanging from a wreath with a little '09 hanging off his collar. Matthew totally found it so that was fun!

I like to get the kids Christmas pjs but this year Matthew is too big for 5T. I bought him a set of 5T ones on super sale at ON and OMG they are schmucking tight on him. And I was going to have Marisa wear the pair Matthew wore as a little dude around her age. But they are footie PJs and she thinks those suck hinnie just like her brother did. I totally get it too. I would not want to wear footie pjs myself - it is the whole my feet like to breath thing! I have been looking half heartedly at stuff but most everything is either sold out in the sizes I need or U-G-L-Y. I am lame...

Moving on... I have a list of places to go as long as my arm. I told Kevin last week I MUST go to these places this weekend. I went to - oh you are guessing it already, right?! None of them. Frustrating. I hate last minute shopping because I end up spending more then I intend too and it makes me mad every year that I am so far behind on stuff like this.

Any who. The weekend was grand. On Saturday, we skated with Santa at the local rink and had a little wing ding at our house. I think fun was had by all. My kids zonked out so judging by that everyone was pooped out at the very least. Matthew watched Polar Express after everyone left - he loves this movie but is also terrified of it. I ran on Saturday night and my hip still hurts badly. I ended up biking twice last week rather then running and I took Sunday off.

Sunday, Matthew had a little play date with a new friend that his Daddy took him to while Marisa and I went grocery shopping. We are glamorous like that... In the afternoon, I took Matthew to see the Princess and the Frog. BEST DISNEY MOVIE TO DATE!!! Though I am pretty geeked about Toy Story 3! After the movie, we tried to hit Hallmark and were denied. Then I remembered that Kohl's has Hallmark ornaments so we went there instead. I think I had less of a selection but a better deal! The ornaments were on sale and the saleslady gave me an additional 15% off! YEAH!

After the kids were in bed last night, Kevin and I made cookies! Cornflake wreaths (this was a new one for us) and the Hersey kiss peanut butter cookies. Tonight, Matthew and I are going to bake the sugar cookie dough I made and decorate those. I think I may still make some Russian teacakes and call it a year on Christmas cookies. I folded 40 lbs of laundry and finally crashed into bed.

I love the holidays but man the weekends can be intense. I am ready for the break!
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