Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ye Ole Dutch Oven

The other day our boss gave each Kevin and I these lovely new blankets. They are like microfiber on one side and fleece on the other. They are the perfect sized blankets to cuddle up under.

Which is a good thing since our office has been freezer frigid some days and warm and toasty other days. SO I am either chattering away in my cubby or I am almost passed out with my face on my desk from the heat. I tend to eat like a hog when I am either cold or hot to compensate for something but really? Really that is another post all together in which I explain how I cannot for the life of me lose that LAST 10 lbs. Am considering Weight Watchers again. Unreal.

SO the day after we got our blankets, one of which Matthew confiscated for his room even though this is the same boy who is still wearing just a pair of shorts to bed with no shirt even in the dead of winter and refuses all blankets and kicks and kicks to get them off even when we put them on him in his sleep FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD HEAT BOY SLEEP IN THE WARMTH YOU MAKE ME COLD JUST LOOKING AT YOU...

Ah emm.

I was freezing in my office all morning so at lunch I snuggled up under the one remaining blanket. Matthew came over and wedged himself under there with me and was giggling and chatting with us when he suddenly lifted up the blanket and WHOOSH my nose was met with a rank smell from the warmth of the blanket, one that made my eyes water. I looked at him and said "Did you toot under there?" He proceeded to giggle so hard he had to flee from the scene and go pee in the bathroom.

My kid freakin' dutch ovened me?!?!? Thanks Matthew - I probably deserved that. One day I will have my revenge. One day... ;)
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