Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Zat You Santa Claus*

(You can click to see it more clearly)

I scanned this at work at a computer I am not familiar with so I have no idea why it looks the way it does and I am too lazy/do not have time to figure out how to make it look better. Behold the Santa photo. I love it because it is a true representation of my kids and how they were feeling at that moment. Marisa is a little scared but hanging on because Matthew is there and Matthew has his hand in his mouth because he was nervous but trying to hang on for Marisa. I love that my kids are hanging on for one another!

Matthew delivered his letter and the neighbor girl's letter to Santa. Kevin thought to write his name and address on the envelope which Santa took. I glanced back at the letters wondering if I should take them with me and let Matthew pop them in the mailbox at the post office but Santa just winked at me and said they were in good hands. SO off we went...

Move ahead to Tuesday. Matthew and Kevin were both yelling for me to come see what Matthew received in the mail. Lo, a letter, on letterhead, from Santa's desk. A long letter! Several paragraphs!! Saying thanking Matthew for visiting him and how he knew Matthew could be a good boy for a few more days until Christmas and do not forget the milk and cookies for him on his long trip. It was just amazing and cool and made me infinitely glad I live in a small town because I can tell you I never received a letter from Santa when I was a kid!

Well worth the five dollars spent!!! Merry Christmas to all!!!

*ONE of my all time favorite Holiday songs - Louis Armstrong: you big band God! You totally made kick ass Christmas music where ever you are!!!
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