Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Free Rangin' It

I am a middle of the road person.  I do not want to hover over my kid's every move.  We try to let Matthew run as free as we can.  We do not feel so over protective any longer about letting him play in the front yard on his own for five or ten minutes or with the neighbor's daughter.  He runs over to her house to ring the bell and plays over there from time to time without us being there.  We give him options to do activities and if he says NO thank you to something we do not do it.  He does not need to be in every sport/activity - he's not even five!  He likes playing and having fun.  We want sports and the things he does to remain just that, fun.  If it seems stressful to him then we won't do it and really the need to go to everything all the time has lost its allure for us.  We just try to ensure that if he seems bored that we find something to do but without too many parameters.

Of course, I do not leave my four year old outside in the front yard alone for hours at a time.  Then again neither did my parents!  And he likes swimming and soccer and wants to do karate so we will allow him to do that.  That is most definitely something neither Kevin nor I did at his age - it seems to be this generation's thang.  Yes, we still go to museums and parks and those kinds of things here and there.  We both did with our parents from very young ages but most definitely nothing was geared so closely to kids the way it is these days what with all the children's museums and science centers.  It is a different time.  For good and, maybe, for not so good.  We try to strike a balance between what we knew when we were young and what our kids will know and remember for the next generation.  Things that will potentially effect their lives forever. 

I try to strike a balance between being laid back but not TOO laid back.   Look he has to put up with his mommy's cleaning neurosis as it is - I better be laid back in other aspects of life :)

I love this lady. I am definitely free rangin' it!
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