Monday, January 25, 2010

GO Little Baby Horsies

A little Colts Fan "watching" the game!*

We had a hard time finding Matthew a cheap Colts shirt - I was looking for something CHEAP in a size small which could be found exactly NOWHERE.  The ONLY size small item we found was a $44 jersey - WHA?!
So we settled for a new Colts ball cap, some blue/grey/white pants and his blue fleece.  He was thrilled!

Here is the necklace that I mentioned previously.  I love it! 

*Don't you like how Marisa REFUSES to wear any kind of hair accouterment?!  OMG. I try and try and try. Worse yet, now she has taken to flicking my hand away from her hair the moment I try to play with it. even.  WAIL.  Here's hoping she outgrows that stage!
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