Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Eve-ish

We had a nice New Year's Eve.  Tradition in the WAY past was to drink excessively so that I could spend time with the toilet/in bed all day long or the one fine new year's day when I barfed off our balcony onto the old lady's outdoor table below.  Yes, there is a reason I do not drink much any more.  Tradition the past few years has been to hang out at home in our pjs, lay out a bunch of junk food, drink a glass of wine/bottle of beer and play board games.  We stuck with that plan but we added Matthew into the mix. 

For me, I have fond memories of going with my parents to their New Year's Eve parties and running myself ragged, eating junk food and watching bad TV until all hours of the morning.  Or just hanging with my family at home and shouting Happy New Year together so basically doing what Kevin and I did.  It was fun this year to include Matthew! 

He loved that he got to stay up late and he got to pick as much junk as he could fit on his plate (and have seconds!).  He got to pick the board game.  He picked Chess so he and Kevin played while I hung out revisiting 2009 and thinking about what is to come in 2010.  Matthew and I snuggled up and read a book.  Then at 9:00p, we celebrated Matthew's New Years by shouting Happy New Year!  We had a group hug and kiss and off he went to bed. 

Then Kevin and I broke out a drink each and I almost won at Scrabble (by almost I mean seriously I was 6 points AHEAD the whole time but Kevin had a clutch move at the end, dammit...) We were in bed and ready to sleep by 11:45p.  We stayed awake long enough to hear Dick Clark fumble through the count down and then we went to bed.  So lame and yet so SO so much better then barfing off the back deck, I promise.

Matthew hanging with his buddies

New Year Eve 2010

The Junk Food Plate

Matthew wishes you all a Happy Fun Filled New Year!
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