Friday, February 5, 2010


No this is not an entire post about the Colts. But really GO COLTS!

Marisa had her 18 month appointment and it lasted all of 12 minutes. It was the easiest trip to the doctor I have ever taken. Maybe because we did not actually see a doctor. The doctor was out because the schools were closed and we saw a new(ish) person, a PA, who was AWESOME! Go my doctor's office which seemed to have had issues with staffing over the years. They finally have a nice person at check in and a nice person at check out so YEAH.

Besides the fact that the dumbasses doubled up on freakin' vaccines that were not only supposed to be 6 months apart but also the set they gave her at 15 months (which she already had at 12 months) were not supposed to be given until she was 4 years old. I did not realize they had no idea what the eff they were doing until AFTER when they gave me the form with the vaccines on it. WHICH is why we do not do vaccines at the doctor's office… Scary. The PA said she should be okay but she wants to check with the doc just to be sure. SPECTACULAR. Oh well. Replace one bad thing with another. Inept nurses, YEAH!

With that said we had a good appointment. Marisa FINALLY got a book probably because the PA had to tell me the office fucked up and she was scared my daughter was all messed up or something. She sat perfectly still on the scale and laid like a little angel while they measured length and stood quietly for head measurement.

She intently watched everything the PA did to her throughout the appointment. We have been reading her Caillou doctor book so we have been practicing sticking her tongue out and saying AHHH which she did fairly well. She got her sticker at the end and we made her two year appt. which OMFG yearly appointments from here on out!

She is:
25 lbs 11 oz (50-75%)
32 inches (50-75%)
Head was in the 90-95% but I cannot for the life of me remember that number because umm I do not care quite frankly.

Also, all if this great behavior I am writing about? Oh there is a point to this nice little story. Afterwards, I planned to take Miss Marisa to Target to get some stuff for our trip for the kids (new little books and activities for Matthew, etc...) and one of Matthew's birthday gifts. 

Marisa proceeded out into the waiting room at the doctors office and basically from there she screamed/cried/fought me with all of her 18 month old toddler strength until we got back into the car after a traumatic not so fun Target visit. It went something like this: AGHHHH I HATE THIS winter coat and shoes and OMG Mommy you suck for making me stay in this shopping cart and the coat and shoes and coat and shoes and GIMMEE THOSEEE SHOES AND sob I want that doggy card and OMG MOMMY NOT THE CAR SEAT WAILLLLLL... sob sob ohh Bunny grahams and water. Chew chew giggle ahhhh... so that was my post doctor trip. YEAHNESS.

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