Friday, February 12, 2010

A Decade

I met you 10 years ago-ish this week.  It was actually a few months before but we did not really start to "date" each other until this week. 

Every year around this time I think I am glad...

I waited until I was older to find you.

I found you.

we waited to get married.

we waited to have babies.

we spent the night in that leaky tent in the Smoky Mountains.

I got to know your Grandpa before he died.

you gave me your heart and I gave you mine.

that the universe decided for us that we should have children.

that I see you in Matthew every single day.

learned to travel together with kids and it is almost always fun!

you are sweet, funny, patient and hard working.

you make up for my shortcomings.

that you make me laugh every day even when I am tired/stressed/low.

that we chose to share every day of the past 10+ years together in sickness and health, through fights and cheerful moments, through very very sad times and times filled with uncontrollable laughter. 

I look across the table into your blue merry eyes every time Matthew or Marisa say or do something funny and we share a look, that look that makes me smile even when I am not with you. 

I love you the same way I did 10 years ago and much much more, and I hope in another 10 years I will love you  the same way and much much more.
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