Friday, February 26, 2010


Your guess is as good as mine...
Marisa REALLY wants to learn to dress herself.  She tried to get these pants on for a good 25 minutes.
She loves that dump truck more than Matthew ever did.  Mostly she likes to leap off it and throw herself on the ground as hard as she can.  No fear, I tell you, no fear with this one.
Ah, just because - I love that smile.
My wee cutie babies. (why yes he is holding her head. 
What?  It worked. She looked at the camera AND smiled!)
Matthew tells us Santana is his favorite but I think he secretly loves them both equally.
I have proof of this :)
Also, she will look at the camera and smile without her head being held in a vice grip. 
Did I mention that I only have to survive FOUR molars now?  Here final canine came in a few weeks back!

The three main reasons I get up each day and work to be a better person.
Yes, I know.  These are no Olympic photos.  Am lazy and I loved these photos OH so much!
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