Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Portrait of A 1.5 Year Old

18 Months Today...
I am feeling a little sad this morning.  Marisa, my last wee tot, is 18 months today.  This past week I have been tearing up while doing mundane things like flipping through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and the Chasing Fireflies catalog because my baby is wearing 18 month, 24 month and 2T clothing.  Woe is me, she can no longer fit in those cute wee little onsies and I will not have a chance to buy cute wee little onsies for my own kids again.  Nor will I plan a nursery for my own kids again.  The list goes on...

Marisa, at 18months, you are filled with light, laughter and beauty at every turn.  You have looks that kill and you slay me all the time.  No really I mean I have abs of steel because you make me laugh a lot.  You are true to your red headed nature and you are fiery.  I admit readily that 18 months till about 2.5 years old is my least favorite part of childhood in many respects.  There is the lack of communication and yet a new found sense of freedom and the wailing/kicking/screaming/biting fortheloveofallthatisgood LISTEN TO ME part of this age that drives me batty.  And yet when I am feeling oh dare I say frustrated I think of you each morning.  When I come into your room to get you, and LAWD help me you are an early bird like your brother, you chortle to me, giggling and gleeful to see me.  You grab your yellow blanket and hand it to me.  Then I pick you up and OH you are the best hugger ever.  And you hug me and kiss me and brightly wave hello.  And honestly this is the best morning routine ever. And if I must be up at 5:45 in the AM I like being greeted this way!

We are still nursing and as it went with Matthew I got all hard core a couple of months back and said "we are done, no more nursing" but of course my talk was tougher than my actions and so we nurse in the evening before bed and each morning when we wake up.  A sweet quiet few minutes before you get to living life at full speed.  You run FAST and you are agile like Matthew was.  My kids and their "toddling" - it does not exist.  You walk up and down the stairs just like we do, like Matthew did.  None of that on your butt stuff which you give me this rueful look if I even suggest that and you throw my hand away when I try to assist you up or down the stairs.  I truly have no idea where you get this independent I can do it all by myself attitude from...

While you excel physically, your language development is lacking.  I have deemed this not an issue since Matthew really did not talk until almost two and then he spoke in 2-3 word sentences sort of skipping the whole early words thing.  You understand everything and you have simple words and gestures and signs to help.  However I understand that you are frustrated with the lack of communication and get frustrated that we do not understand what you want some times.  We are trying.  You know all of your body parts and giggle when pointing to them on both us and yourself.  You still love music and dogs.  You dance and wiggle your rump and my heart melts when I see you grooving to the music. It fills my heart to know how much you love music like I do!  And hey I had no interest in Lady Gaga but because of you I really like her now!  You love on the dogs and rush to feed the dogs treats and meals and oh I think Santana wishes you were not his favorite but he is. 

You are a good eater and have gotten over your early aversion to milk, happily drinking the white stuff when it is served.  I am thankful you are a good eater right now because Matthew has become the world's pickiest eater on earth and I think I can only deal with one at a time!  Five teeth - four two year molars and a canine.  The canine has been RIGHT THERE for weeks and weeks.  I am still hopeful that you will have all of your teeth by 2 years!  You are "graceful" like your Mommy was as a kid.  In saying that I mean to say I was NOT graceful and always cut, bleeding or scabbed over.  You cracked your mouth so hard yesterday and there was blood everywhere, we thought you broke a tooth but you did not.  And you only cried a little bit and then showed us the ouchie calmly afterward might I add! 

I cannot believe I almost forgot to mention that you sit dilgently on the potty seat every night!  You like it but I think you just like the idea of it - the books and attention and the fun of it all.  You have yet to do anything on the potty besides read and giggle but still... YEAHNESS!

Matthew.  Ah the sibling relationship at its best and worst!  You of course adore him but you have gotten really good at telling him when you are displeased with him.  He can no longer grab things from your hands as you "shriek" at him to stop.  However mostly you follow him and chase him down and you play together.  I find you huddled together in the small corner by your crib with a stack of books, you on his lap and him telling you the story.  He likes to teach you things and tell you how things go and he is mostly calm with you but even when he is frustrated he just balls up his fists and scowls at you, and through clenched teeth he will ask for help.  I am grateful for Matthew all the time.  He is like a baby whisperer.  He calms you down, gets you to do things you do not want to do for us and he keeps you occupied in the backseat especially now that you do not have a pacifier to keep you quiet.

I love your kisses good-bye, you wave and kiss and hug and then we repeat this process five or six times.  It is sweet.  And when we return home you scream our names MA-MAAA, DA-DAAA and come running to see us.  Then you are off like a shot back to being busy. You love to read and have taken to removing every book you own from the bookshelves and will sit and read either by yourself or with any available lap.  One big change that happened in December through January is that we pushed your nap back to the noon hour.  You were solidly doing a morning nap but now you sleep over our lunch hour so I do not get my Marisa fix at lunch but that is okay.  You get special time with Ashley and Matthew gets special time with her as well so it works out better like that!  And you are only getting a pacifier at nap/bed time.  Next up: getting rid of the pacifier all together.  SCARY!

You are fearless, and strong, and I cannot believe you are 18 months old.  I gulp when I look at you because it is like time has gone by so quickly with you and even though I stopped to take note of this time when it happened it did not matter much, it still went so fast.  It is a huge deal that you are 1.5 years old today.  HUGE. 

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