Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I fell off.  All dang winter.  I just could not pull it together from Thanksgiving until just this past week.  I ran off and on but never anything consistent.  I stopped lifting weights entirely about three weeks ago.  I ran out of steam and I found a lot of excuses.  No biggie.  SO this week in earnest I started back.   3 miles yesterday, 4 today and 3 again tomorrow.  Then I start half marathon training which ummm EKKK.

I was excited to see a sign at the gas station that read "45 days until spring."  Sweet baby jesus thank you.  We also checked the calendar the other day to find out when day light saving happens (first weekend in March) and so now I also have that to look forward to.  Giddy I am giddy.  And I am over winter which Mother nature is all "HA HA bitch winter is no where near done" possibly because some stupid critter saw his shadow and was all EKKK and jumped back in his hole.  Oh that and the 4-7 inches of freezing rain/snow/sleet that we supposed to get Friday. 

Fuck it.  Super Bowl's this weekend so YEAH.  I plan to start eating better again AFTER that event.  Did I mention I stopped working out but continued to eat like I was still working out so my jeans got a wee bit tight.  Fun times.  I am planning to make some new "Stuff" for the super bowl that evening along with chili probably.  YUM. 

Marisa has her 18 month appointment on Friday and Matthew gets to go to Cracker Barrell with Ashley.  Who wins here??  I also get to take the kids to their dental appointments next week.  Matthew just likes to watch the TVs on the ceiling so he's easy but I get to hold down the strong 18 month old while the doc looks in her mouth and tells me 'YUP five more teeth...' which I have decided are just never ever going to come in and will torture me till the end of time.  And also would it be rude to ask the dentist for a VERY accurate timeline on Marisa's last five teeth?

Finally, Marisa keeps missing the memo about NOT getting up before 6 am.  5:30a, 5:15a, 5:45a.  PLEASE someone explain to her that 6:00 am is a nice hour to get up too. 

On a wholly unrelated note, I tried these sour cream pancakes last Saturday and if you are going to be snowed in this weekend I highly recommend stocking up on sour cream and maple syrup because dooodes these just rock.  Matthew giggled the whole time he ate these and kept asking me for more!!!
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