Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aimless Thoughts

Matthew calls shorts - short pants. We have NO idea where he came up with that but I am not about to correct him. I have a feeling there is not much time left before he stops saying things like this that make me laugh.

It always sucks when I do not plan for meals during the week. We end up with subpar meals. Also, last night I did "make your own burritos" but I did not realize we were almost out of wraps and the effing salsa was rotten. It is my favorite kind of salsa but we do not eat salsa enough so I have decided NOT to buy that kind any more as it goes bad too quickly and I love salsa on my burrito so I was bummed to have a subpar burrito.

Marisa and I sat at her window last night bird watching and it was like time just stopped. I remember sitting at a different window in a different house with a little red headed boy watching the birds. My heart swelled up with memories and pride and sadness and happiness and how can one's heart feel this many different ways at one time I thought.

Marisa does this little dance thing when she is excited to do something like go outside. I wish you could see it because it is adorable!

I took all of the 2T clothing out of the storage bin this past weekend for Marisa only to discover that some of it is too small. Bummer. Marisa is like Matthew. She is not rail thin but a chunky monkey. Her middle is round so she needs larger sizes to fit the middle but her arms and legs are not quite long enough for those sizes. We are folding a lot right now. Thank goodness it is getting to be spring/summer so we can do tanks, skirts/shorts.

She also "magically" outgrew a shoe size in certain brands (Target's Circo brand? YOU are dead to me...) Planning ahead with my kids is never an easy thing. I just buy big and hope for the best down the road if I want to get things on sale for the next season or I just do not buy the sale items at all.

Marisa is in LOVE with a pink camo rain jacket from that bin. She was wearing it when I left for work this morning. She was also wearing it when we were watching birds last night. Over her jammies...

Marisa's legs are a mess.  Both knees are scrapped and I counted a total of 11 bruises on her shins. 

Matthew's bed time unofficially just got later. We realized that he is absolutely miserable going to bed before 8:00 pm. I just wish he would learn to read. When I was about his age (just after I was probably more solidly 5) I would read in my room once I was there for the night. The saving grace, he still loves to draw pictures for us on his Magna Doodle board and these pictures continue to be filled with awesomeness!

The kids have been so happy to kick off their shoes with the warmer weather. Both have a keen interest in hitting the baseball off the T. Interestingly enough, (also SHHHHH do not tell Matthew this) Marisa actually might better at this then Matthew ;) I kid of course but she is farther along than Matthew was at this age!

Finally, I am tempting the blogging goddesses for even typing this but Marisa is kicking ass and taking names in the potty department. That is ALL I am going to say about this...
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