Sunday, March 21, 2010

Better Place

I really have so much to write and yet I am not sure I can form the words and throughts to process all that I am thinking about... SO you are left with photos. Two of the best little humans on earth. Who will one day make the world a better place because they already make my world a better place.
Matthew likes to race into Marisa's room to tell her everything is okay when she wakes up for the day or in the afternoon after nap.  It is very sweet and she is always WAY happier to see him than anyone else. 
And Matthew loves to be the big brother coming to the rescue.
This would have been a cute shot if not for the post nap eye rub!
Post Nap Craziness - Hair, stuffies, blanket and MOM with the camera in her face. 
She's gonna LURVE these one day!
She cracks me up with the HUGE cups of water!
She acts all surprised when the water spills and runs down her face. 
Right now Marisa is obsessed (still) with all of the dogs and birds that she can see out our windows.  She could hang with Daddy for hours watching the critters go by! 
This past weekend, we filled all the feeders around the house just to attract more birdies for her!
St. Patty's Day Marisa!
Just a shot to show her cutie pants hair that she wore for a good part of the day!
Just makes me laugh - the lighting is horrid in these but the content is sweet.
St. Patty Day Matthew
(That necklace he made at school the week before and he wore that ALL day on March 17th!)
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