Friday, March 12, 2010


Five Reasons I hate Allergies:
Allergies suck because they make my eyes, ears, and nose itch so I make this gnarly noise that helps "itch" that region of my face/throat.  Kevin hates that and the kids both imitate me which I think is funny but Kevin hates that too.

Every year I get this same damn cold around the time my allergies kick in.  I always hope and pray it will not happen but to date no amount of elixirs, prayers to gods/goddesses, or supplements stop this cold. TWO TIMES A YEAR. 

This cold makes me feel like I am being stabbed repeatedly by knives in or near by left eye and the left side of my nose.  I also get a cold sore, around my nose, which just plain sucks when one has a running sneezy funky allergy nose.

A Sudafed buzz is funky.

I might die from having allergies, getting sick and having my period all at one time - theoretically speaking of course.

AND changing course.  I was rooting around in Marisa's closet the other day when I came upon a TIARA.  Where the hell did she get a tiara?  I cannot even remember who might have given her this item or how it got in her closet!?  It made me laugh.  It made me laugh because dude Marisa is turning into a regular tom boy.  She is almost always dirty, bruised, toughened up by her big brother and she likes it this way.  She runs, kicks and throws better then Matthew (shhh DO NOT TELL HIM THIS) and falls down hard often.  I swear I cannot remember the last time she cried from falling down.  She is hardcore.  I wanted to pop the tiara on her head just to see how it looks while she is out wearing her dirty pink pants and shirt, running, kicking, throwing and falling down and giving those wicked funny side long looks.  Marisa and tiara are not exactly a hand in hand thang. 

I left the house this morning and Marisa had her hair in a little hair tie.  Have we crossed a bridge?  No more photos of her with her shaggy hair flopping into her eyes?!  I am not going to hold my breath but dude seriously that would kick ass!

Babies!  My friend, Jen, had a baby!!! A wee baby boy.  I am so EXCITED for her.  He is adorable and I wish I could get my hands on him to tickle his baby feet and rock him to sleep but alas she is far far away but she is in my thoughts!

AND my other friend, Christine, also had a baby (a while back right before we went to Vancouver which is why I am just getting around to writing this, mmmm kay?)  Another wee baby boy.  I am equally as excited for her.  She was nervous about how her first would react to his baby bro so I hope all is going well.  I wish she were closer so I could help out and I miss them terribly. 

Girls, you are in my thoughts loves!

Did I mention that Sudafed buzz is funky?  I guess it is made more funky by downing the Sudafed with some black coffee.  I am not sure I recommend this to the faint of heart.  That's all I got people.  Happy Freakin' Weekend Y'all!
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