Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Doctor's Report

Here's the deal. I decided yesterday I needed to see a doctor. I thought to myself self why are you walking around in such pain all the time? And so I made an appt. to see my Internal Medicine doctor. They got me in right away to see her. She was lovely as usual and said 'let's take x-rays of your knee and wrist. And we will send you to the Sports Medicine physician TODAY'. So off I went to get x-rays than to the Sports Med doc who was equally as lovely and helpful as the IM doc and you have to love ONE STOP DOCTOR SHOPPING!!!

Overall I had a really positive, great experience. At the end of the day, I thankfully DO NOT have carpal tunnel in my wrist and I DO NOT have arthritis.

Drum roll... I am misaligned (You: umm you needed to see a doctor to find this out? Coulda told you THAT for free!!) Turns out women tend to be like this what with our big ole birthin' hips and what not. NO NO the Sports Med doc did not call them BIRTHIN' hips but that is just what I heard ;) But really turns out I picked an activity that is kickin' my ever loving misaligned arse. Sweet.

And my wrist is double-jointed which was new to me (though my elbows are too, wanna see??!!) Being double jointed and over use is contributing to the weakness as well as a lot of pain. I got one of those wrist guard things which is making it near impossible to type fast with and some topical pain reliever. And a script for PT. The physical therapy will include some gait analysis and is a sport medicine type of center so I am looking forward to becoming a more aligned individual. The doc also thought that the PT and by strengthening of small core muscles would/could help reduce, if not do away, with my shin splints which I am all for.

SO YEAH! I am a little scared to see the bills for these doctors but I am glad/happy to know it is not the worst. Being healthy sucks, man.
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