Wednesday, March 17, 2010


As I mentioned, Matthew remembered the Leprechaun left him something the year before so I went and bought three books. Two for Matthew and one for Marisa. I really wanted to get him Leprechaun in Late Winter but dude a book that size for $13.99?  NO WAY.  Am cheap like that.  I got him the Leprechaun reseach guide instead along with Lions At Lunchtime which he asked for on his birthday list. 

He was a tad disappointed that he both missed the Leprechaun this morning and that all this year's Leprechaun left were books.  Then he felt that perhaps this mystery Leprechaun left other items in other locations and proceeded to search the house a la Easter Bunny style.  Sadly there were NO other items, just the books. 

Also, last night I feel the weight of being too many characters throughout the year - Santa, Easter Bunny, Leprechauns, an EFFING elf, and soon enough the TOOTH fairy.  I looked at Kevin late last night and told him I had NO idea this parenting business involved SO many characters and stuff (SIGH - EYES ROLLING). 

Marisa was pleased with her book, But Not the Hippopotamus. I bought it because it had a green cover.  The end.

Any who, I realized that Leprechauns can be evil dudes and I am glad OUR Leprechaun is not evil, but nice and leaves books and games.  I plan to mention this to Matthew when we are at home for lunch BTW.  I can still lay guilt on him from afar and you bet your bippy that I plan to!  Books not good enough BAH! ;) 

Speaking of books, did I mention that Matthew has suddenly taken off on this reading thing again?  For a while he would memorize short little books and retell them to us but WHOA he got off that pony quickly because he realized that if he learned to read that maybe Mommy and Daddy would not read to him any more.  (SIGH - EYES ROLLING).  We have assured him time and again that this is not true.  I even told him I would read to him as long as he would let me.  TO NO AVAIL. 

We stopped pushing the point because he wanted  NOTHING to do with this reading junk.  But then recently he has taken an interest again, all by himself!  I am reading Alice in Wonderland to him at bed time and he is content to read the chapter heading which is a huge deal.  He will try out the words and some times they are words he thinks they are based on the length and starting letter.  For instance, he knows cookie looks the way it does so he will see the word candy and think that word is cookie.  Then we go through the sounding out of the word until he gets it.  Then he repeats the whole heading and shows me each word correctly.  The pride and grin on his face is absolutely PRICELESS. 

I am amazed at how spongy he has been about this lately.  Needless to say, we are encouraging but trying to be VERY subtle about it all because we do not want to scare him away from it again.  I find being VERY VERY subtle with Matthew works best.  While some kids love and need loud praise, Matthew likes to be praised but no in that center of attention kind of way.  I am so proud of him, proud of who is and how wonderful he has been lately and just oy how big he is really getting.  Let's not even get me started on the fact that in two days it will be ONE month until he turns five... or else I will cry.  Big fat green Leprechaun tears (or is that Easter Bunny tears? OH who ever the heck I am!) 
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