Monday, March 29, 2010

Leaps And Bounds

I skipped out on my long run yesterday (Sunday) and I did not do the little four miles run the previous Thursday.  My shins are effed.  They hurt really beyond an descriptive words I can come up with that do not include some swear words as well!  SO I am trying to RICE it and I am trying to be careful with how much work I do.  I am going to try to run as long as I can tonight to make up for the missed long run (9 miles?) to see how it goes.  If it hurts I am going to alternate running with "other stuff" for the time being and hope for the best.  The shin thing is frustrating.  Especially given the fact that until last week, I was feeling so lovely for the most part.  Bad juju, bad karma call it what you will, I am bummed about this development.

I ran a 5k race on Saturday morning.  And it was awesome!  This just made me sadder that my shins are hurting so badly.  I can clearly feel the deep divots in both of my shin bones... fuckers.  Any who, the race was great.  It was a sunny COLD morning Saturday but perfect for a race!  I got there just in time for registration.  That is to say it was a very small race and not very well organized.  I did some warm up laps and stretches and I could tell my left shin was hurting just from that and my right shin was eh.  The race organizer guy called us to the start than made us wait there for 15 minutes.  Grrr...  It was actually a pretty lovely course in Lower Cascades Park (if you are in Bloomington you know where I am talking about.)

Basically what I learned from this race was to SLOW DOWN the first mile.  I am not sure how accurate the two giggling girls were with their stop watch but my first mile was a blistering 7:20.  Ummm yeah.  But P&D, thanks for Rob Zombie suggestion!  BEST WAY TO START A RACE EVER!!! 

I missed the time for the 2nd mile entirely mostly because I would not hear over my own ragged breathing.  Heh.  But I definitely slowed down and about 25 people passed me shortly after the first mile so it was a decidedly SLOWER 2nd mile that seemed to LAST FOREVER.  The best part about falling apart just after mile one?  As I came up the road to my left I was surprised to see Matthew, Marisa and Kevin there to cheer to me on!  I did not expect them to be there and it gave me the motivation to get it done! 

The lady standing next to me at the start muttered something about how funny it was that the guy yelling out about the course did not mention the huge hill we would be running up.  SO the entire first mile and a half I kept waiting for the hill.  The EFF I thought that lady was SO wrong.  Until I turned back home running in the opposite direction I had just come and LO we were running DOWNHILL.  No wonder mile 2 was such a bitch, I chuckled to myself (or I might have said this out loud.)  Between the possibility of me talking to myself and the loud breathing, I was the biggest freak out there! 

Mile 3was just as bad as mile 2 given the fact that I used all of my energy and fat stores likely to kick out the first mile;  I had nothing left to give.  However, Kevin and the kids were still there cheering when I came back by so I threw my hands up in the air and yelled back at them!  I ran the 5k in 24:46 which is a personal best and probably the fastest I have run since I was 22.  I figure that is about an 8 minute mile average.  And I figure that if I am going to run that 10k next month (which I am currently signed up to do) I will need to slow the eff down or else I will risk death.  Also, I need to train even more on hills and do some additional endurance training.  GAW. 

My throat and lungs hurt for a full two days after and I hacked and hacked like a chain smoker the entire time.  Rotten.  Anyway, it was fun run.  I stayed after and won a raffle item (free food & a tee from Chipotle!)  I placed 2nd in my age group and I totally know who the lady was who passed me that was my age.  She went out slower and came in a full minute ahead of me.  I tried to keep with her as she passed me but it was just not going to happen.  That is okay. 

Crazy thing about 3.1 miles these days is that I can remember running in July of last year.  My first week of runs when I kept myself going by thinking that by next year this three mile run will be like nothing and it is.  3 mile runs are easy these days!  So it has been fun to see that progress. 

Next up, I am making an appointment today with an Orthopedic Surgeon in town both for my wrist and my shins.  May as well work to nip this in the bud now rather than risk losing out on more training mileage.

Finally at the end of the day, the best part about the run besides the PR, the raffel win and the Asiago bagel from Panera was hearing Matthew tell the neighbor girl proudly that he went to cheer for his Mommy who ran in a race!  Love that.
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