Monday, March 1, 2010

Month the 19

There is not much to say about month 19 that is different from month 18. Anything I was worried about back in month 18 has gone out the window. Marisa of course started talking more and even saying two word phrases. My favorite is lovth (love).  She got that last tooth and apparently is now working on TWO molars!

Marisa is sweet. She is funny. She is a red head. She is strong and beautiful. She is a daredevil and yet a bit of Momma's girl.  She is such a mix of girlie girl and toughness.  And she fills me with pride and joy like I never imagined in my wildest dreams that a daughter would. I cannot ever imagine this life without both she and Matthew.

Together they make me laugh. Tonight, Matthew insisted Marisa sit next to him at the table. SO they sat together while we sat across from them. And we had to hold our laughter because Matthew got Marisa to sit down in her chair. She would not listen to us.  And he got her to eat. He stopped Santana from bothering her.  And she hung on his every word. I hope that they will always be this way. I hope they will always remember how dear they are to one another. I cannot just comment on Marisa half the time without thinking about Matthew.
The lightening is awful is this photo but I love it so!  Matthew helped me bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch on Saturday (heh I am such a nerd I was teaching Matthew chemistry a la Alton Brown the whole time :) and while they were still warm we all had those heavenly golden chocolately morsals.  Matthew was so proud that he helped make them and Marisa was delighted to be coated in chocolate.

I cannot believe year two seems to be racing by just like you do all the time now.  RUN MARISA RUN!

Love your proud Mommy!
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