Monday, March 8, 2010

Residual (post post post pregnancy) Hormones?


I submitted my time from a run I did last fall to get moved up into hopefully a different corral for the Mini marathon.  I was not going to do this act and let the chips fall where they would but then I decided at the 11th hour to make a go of it.  Preferred corral here I come?  We shall see.

I did not run my long run yesterday.  I was exhausted all weekend and spent the weekend feeling marginally pathetically sorry for myself.  I thought these stupid hormones and being a lady can be a royal pain in the rump and OMG I need a vacation where all I do is spend a week sleeping, WTF.  Then it dawned on me late Sunday evening that my co-worker was out a few days last week and said it was the strangest thing, she felt horrible and just wanted to sleep and slept for hours and hours (the luxury of being 40 something without kids...) both of the days she was off.  I think I might have whatever the heck she has and then my boss said she spent the entire weekend feeling blah and slept the weekend away.  SO I guess the yays in favor of some kind of illness are definitely in.  SUCKAGE.  I was supposed to run 7 miles and I decided to take a break even though yesterday was BEAUTIFUL and the perfect day for an outside run.

I did however make the run outside on Saturday and that was filled with awesomeness.  COME ON SPRING I NEED YOU NOW.  Even though my allergies are also comin'.  All this dust.  The street sweepers need to get out and clean up.  It is like the effin' dust bowl here in Indiana.  Hate that.

We spent the day on Saturday doing this insane trip again.  We hit Cincinnati.  Last time we went there we had a ball.  This time it was fine but cumbersome/tiresome/tiresome/exhausting.  It dawned on me again that the last time we went Marisa was still a tiny baby girl.  She could not walk and sat in her stroller calmly taking it all in.  This time ZOMG I wanted to die.  We went to Ikea with intentions of furnishing Matthew's room and left with a pillow, some storage items and a stuffed dog for Marisa.  Oh and a six pack of cinnamon rolls which is well worth THAT trip!  That is it.  I was bitter and tired and we still had a two hour drive home... in the dark.  I think we keep forgetting that Marisa is no longer a ball of baby and she is a toddler filled with energy and wants to walk and move and GO GO GO (and not in the direction we want her to GO GO GO.)

She was awful cute.  Which is the one saving grace she has at the moment on trips like this and makes me want to keep her rather than stopping the car and letting her off on the side of the highway.  OH stop, I kid.  She has many saving graces and I would NEVER leave her on the side of the highway (yet).  She would go where she wanted to go at the zoo and stop, smile and wave wildly at people saying loudly "hiya guys".  HEART.  MELTING.

Matthew and I hit Target on Sunday mostly because Matthew and I needed some time together and also he had two dollars burning a hole in his pocket.  He was bummed when he did not get to spend his money at Ikea/Zoo the day before as promised.  He ended up with a new Matchbox car and a Spiderman activity book which he picked out entirely on his own and I supplemented the 11 cents change. 

I miss hanging with him and I feel like sometimes I end up entirely mothering Marisa and Kevin gets to hang with Matthew a lot.  Then when I am parenting I get to take care of both of them and I find myself red faced and upset a lot mostly at Matthew even though it is likely Marisa who is driving me crazy.  SUCKS.  I need to get rested, get my shit together and start over.  We were doing a good job of splitting up time with the kids for a while there but lately... UGHA.

We need to get organized because IT IS SPRING afterall.  Yeah.  We did yardwork on Sunday.  We raked and swept and enjoyed the sunny morning before the rain .  It was AMAZING.  Kevin took down the Christmas lights even!  Overall it was really a great weekend but man being THIS tired is making me feel dead inside. 

Randomly (and speaking of being dead): I am dying for some music ideas.  It has to fall under the catergory of FAST (UPBEAT) and LOUD and it cannot be soft and schmoopy.  I apparently have plenty of that.  Think Sublime or Lady Gaga or Rihanna.  Stuff that can fire me up when running.  I am drawing a blank. 

I tried some old music I used to love and used to get me fired up (Led Zep for ex.) and that did not do it for me.  I want new and hot and hip and LOUD.  HALP!
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