Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Run Forest Run

I have been reading Runner's World.  Oh why yes thank you it is another post about running!!! Obessed I tell you.

Well, I could write another post about how I cannot lose 10 lbs and what I need to do to improve my diet.  But seriously I know my problems lie in the fact that I EAT LIKE CRAP.  So we do not need to rehash that...

Seriously, Running for me has been so theraputic. The past few months have been a struggle at work. I feel as if I have been standing on the edge of the unknown in terms of my future. I have no idea what I would/could do as a way to provide income for my family outside of what I am doing and get paid as much as I do. And yes the pay is the driver in this case. Going from making a certain income to practically nothing is wholly unappealing but being miserable is not fair either.

I have some ideas about possible options. I have considered getting certified in Personal training and Nutrition. I am coming full circle and have been reminded what made me get the Bachelor's degree I have in the first place. I loved that stuff! I would love to help people in this area of their lives, to see how different life can be through diet and exercise.

Any who, the article was a great reminder to me about taking care of myself when it comes to running.  And as I have obsessively thought about it, I suppose I could apply to this to my daily life too. 

A few things I learned... I should only increase my runs by 10% per week but if one is accident prone one should be more conversative. Think 2-3% increases.  I definitely suffer from the 'more is better' syndrome that was sort of DRILLED into my head from swimming.  As I thought about this more and more, I wondered if I had a coach who was more progressive and able to deal with swimmers one on one if doing less for me would have helped me to be a better swimmer than I was.  I always felt exhausted and overtrained when I swam even during taper times.  I am actually pretty good at keeping in check about my running and taking time off when I feel I need to for both certain pains/aches or giving myself the rest I know I need. 

I am working on stretching.  Not the old skool static stretches we all know but as suggested in another article from the same Runner's World a form of dynamic stretching.  I have always disliked stretching overall but this is a routine I can live with.  Also, I have been targeting my shins and ankles as they get sore and painful often.  I almost constantly stretch and massage those areas daily even when I do not run and I am finding some relief from that.  

Finally, another take away from that article that I have been experiementing with has been to shorten my stride.  Yes, the inclination is definitely to length one's stride.  I find myself doing this when I am tired or at the end of a long run.  And as I am becoming more aware of the impact  (impact, heh) running is having on my life, I have noticed how much harder this is on my legs.  It is amazing that such a seemingly small thing can change how I feel when I am out running. 

I ran for the first time outside in the evening yesterday.  It was light out so YEAH-NESS!  It was great to be away from the gym on a  weeknight!  I will probably do the mill tonight for my 400s but it is nice to have the option.  The only real negative I have about running outside again - THE BUGS.  They were out in full force last night.  Speaking of nutrition, bugs?  They are good for you, right?  Umm yeah.  SO I am trying to take it easy this week a bit as I am gearing up for a 5k race this weekend!  Run Forest Run.

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Okay, you have 2 can you run without peeing your pants? I pee just walking down steps!
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