Tuesday, March 9, 2010


From the Cincinnati Zoo this past weekend...
Since the time Matthew could walk he has been a collector of sticks, stones, coins, bottle caps, rubber bands, you name it.  I have a garage full of stuff he has collected.  This was a piece of bamboo that he found while wandering through the zoo.  He wanted it documented apparently!
Really it was beautiful all day and we only had her coat on because it felt wrong not to have a coat on and of course she found all the snowy and/or muddy spots and became both muddy and wet by the time we left.
Shadows of the boy I knew... (weep)
So we are wandering through the zoo when suddenly I spied PENGUINS.  Just hanging out walking around in the Zoo.  Like it was nothing.  The Zoo guys were talking all about the penguins.  Almost all of the penguins at the Cincinnati Zoo are named after a famous King as in Martin Luther and Kong.  It was highly entertaining to see these guys up close and personal like that! 
Snacking in the sunshine with a hair clip in her hair!!!  Yes, a hair clip that she wore almost ALL day. 
(Oy.  She is getting big.)

Ahh, Spring.  I love you (well except for your evil allergies...)

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